APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning In Consonance with the AIAG¶s (QS- ) APQP Manual Files Included In This Package The Red. in compliance with AIAG reference manual. It is a VOLVO requirement (incl. RTS, PAA, PHR) as specified in SQAM Pre-requisite: supplier is trained to APQP. GM APQP Kick Off and SRV Workbook-GM – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /.xlsx), PDF File Bopp-Busch Quality Manual.

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I have included them as I am a graphics nut and I really believe they help a lot of text challenged people, myself included, understand several basic concepts.

Control Plan content must contain as a minimum all customer and Company X critical characteristics. How will progress be measured? From there we will go to looking closely at the control plan and related required documentation.

Identify appropriate benchmark s Find reason for gap between your status and benchmark Develop a plan for closing gap, meeting or exceeding benchmark Product – Process Assumptions Assumptions FeaturesDesign Process concepts Technical innovations Advanced materials Reliability assessments New technology Document assumptions as part of project plan Utilize as inputs to plan Consider alternate paths in case assumptions do not play out Product Reliability Studies Frequency of repairs or replacements within designated time period s Repair or Throw-away?


Ford, GM and Chrysler. There is a Quicktime Pro edition for sale, but you only need the free downloadable version. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Specific critical characteristics that are process driven controlled and therefore require SPC to measure process stability, capability, and control for the life of the part.

Advanced product quality planning

More difficult to identify critical processes. Yes, there should be a block on the Control Plan to indicate a transfer. Retrieved espaoo ” https: Views Read Edit View history. The latest version of Quicktime is a beta release of version 5 in which Flash is incorporated.

You have to look at the intent and you must identify equivalencies within your companys systems and documentation. They are Courtesy of The Red Road http: Who will receive reports? The process has the capability to produce product that meets requirements.

Those product features that affect subsequent operations, product function, or customer satisfaction. Those process parameters for which variation must be controlled around a target value to ensure that a significant characteristic is maintained at its target value.

Doesn’t exhibit Process Interaction Failure Modes. In this presentation we will first be looking at the base requirements – mainly inputs and outputs to and from Manuxl of the APQP process. This flow chart should identify the product characteristics associated with each operation. C Parts not from production tooling, parts meet specs.


Team – Who, from where and who is the team leader? Allows identification of “Critical Processes”. Tier 1 suppliers are typically required to follow APQP procedures and techniques and are also typically required to be audited and registered to IATF On the Macintosh platform, the files play in Powerpoint like movies when in the SlideShow mode.

The controls on the files only work if you are viewing the Flash files!!!

The free download version of Quicktime http: KCCs require ongoing monitoring per an approved Control Plan and should be considered as candidates for process improvement. This article has multiple issues. Other inspections and tests are optional in the control plans.

Nanual communication between Device and Process Engineers. Allows identification of Process Interaction Failure Modes.

APQP – [DOCX Document]

These 23 topics will be all completed before the production is started. Often all information is not available.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 21 August APQP is utilized today mabual these three companies and some affiliates. Critical tooling symbol used to identify special characteristics of fixtures, gages, developmental parts, and initial product parts. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.