Sefer Hamitzvot is a work by the 12th century rabbi, philosopher and physician Maimonides. While there are various other works titled similarly, the title “Sefer. Read the text of Sefer HaMitzvot online with commentaries and connections. Sefer HaMitzvotספר המצוות. מחבר: רמב”םAuthor: Rambam · תוכןContents · מפרשים. There are limited versions of Maimonides’ Sefer Hamitzvot in which he enumerates commandments of the Torah elucidating each one of (acronym.

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OrthodoxUnion Attention Mishna Yomit fans!! As Nachmanides observes, Maimonides does not count possessing or living in the land of Israel as a mitzvah.

Nachmanides, in his commentary on the Torah, deals with this question. Sources for comments are given, The text of the Rambam appears with vowels in crystal maimonidex type. Schneerson, tens of thousands of Jews the world over began following a daily schedule of study of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah and Sefer HaMitzvot.

But we delude ourselves if we think that these performances have their full significance. Are we obligated to live in Israel? In an appendix, Hamiitzvot lists commandments that might have merited individual inclusion in his estimation.

But any individual mitzvah only achieves its full significance in the context of the overall system of Taryag — the mitzvot. Apparently, he maintains that the individual maiimonides are all part of a single complex and integrated system.

Any commandment that is given to be performed at a specific time in history cannot be included among the mitzvot. The work is the seder of a number of commentaries, including one from Nahmanidesone titled Megillath Esther “Scroll of Esther”, by Isaac de Leonbearing no direct relationship with the Biblical Book of Estherand haitzvot titled Lev Sameach and Kinath Soferim.


A second edition was published by Mosad Harav Kuk in Jerusalem, Perhaps, Maimonides agrees with this interpretation of the mitzvot of the Torah. We must wear tefillin and observe the mitzvah of mezuzah.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Why does Maimonides not include the requirement to live in the land of Israel among the mitzvot?

File:Rambam-Sefer-Hamitzvot-HBpdf – Wikimedia Commons

Views Read Edit View history. And according to Maimonides, general admonishments are not counted among Taryag. We must give portion of the annual harvest to the kohanim and leveyim. There is an enigmatic comment of the Sages — quoted by Rashi — that may provide an insight into this issue.

There is a mitzvah to posses and hakitzvot the land of Israel.

One obvious contradiction is found in Maimonides comments in his Mishne Torah regarding the significance of the land of Israel. Margolis Menachem Vol 1.

Sefer Hamitzvot

Admonishments to observe the Torah do not meet this criterion. Why does Maimonides not count this obligation among his commandments? Hzmitzvot other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Sages comment that even when we are in exile we should continue to practice the mitzvot.

Orthodox union

Of course, this creates a problem. Tosefot explain that there are some authorities that do indeed contend that there maimondies no obligation to live in Israel in our times. This applies to U.


Retrieved from ” https: For each rule, Maimonides cites many illustrative examples. For example, at the time of the giving of the Torah Bnai Yisrael were instructed to not approach or ascend Sinai. No, we are keeping it alive until we can reintegrate it into the body.

A collection of seven essays on the Rambam, laws of the Beis Hamikdash, based the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

The Rambam and Sefer HaMitzvot:An Introduction by Rabbi Avroham Franklin

If this mitzvah were suspended, the ruling would be void. Sefer HaMitzvot is an enumeration and description of the mitzvot of the Torah. Corresponding secular dates are included for convenience. This is a system that regulates the life of the individual Jew, within the nation of Bnai Yisrael, in the land of Israel. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

As a result, it cannot be counted among the mitzvot.

We should continue to practice the mitzvot so that they will not be new to us when we return to the land of Israel.