LEGO set database: International Jetport. Set number: ; Name: International Jetport; Also known as: Holiday Airport; Set type: Normal; Theme. Find great deals for LEGO Town International Jetport (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. International Jetport Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: 8 Released: Theme: This was the second LEGO System airport out of five released to date.

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Very nice and honest. You are not logged in. Ordering old MISB sets has become a 696 pleasure of mine over the past few years. I actually never saw this set before. The rear of the box shows some alternative builds.

International Jetport

As others have mentioned, it integrates so well legi other sets from the same time period. Thank you for such a great review! The first vehicle – The baggage tractor. Like I mentioned before, I always fully intended to build this set, so was not concerned with seals being broken, as long as the parts were all new.

There is no instruction for baseplate layout, placement of the windsock or radar or placement of the runway lights. Nice to travel back in time. The front wheel is on a 2×2 turntable, while the rears are fixed. Its all very simple and honest. The trans blue canopy and the rotors look great, and our pilot makes this sub model look very sharp. Its nice to get a side view on the side of the box. I believe you got this set lsgo a great guy legk Slovakia, right?


You can see the difference about which I wrote in the technical curiosities. Now we pego on to the terminal itself. The alternate builds are just wonderful also. This a great walk down memory road. Here is an overview of the layout, according to what is on the front of the box. I don’t remember if it was him, or someone else, but it was in that thread.

This is a great set, and I loved every moment of putting this set together. The plane is now being unloaded, and the passenger is ready to disembark.

Review – – International Jetport. – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums

Lastly, the rear fin and top wing goes on, along with a few lights on the wingtips. I love the finishing touches such as the fences on the observation deck, the numbered gates and the flags on the roof. She will be my favourite decoration ho ho ho hooooooooooo.

Wheels, windows, wings, bricks, plates, plants.

Thanks and enjoy your set, harmacy! Best of all are the FIVE baseplates included in this set. These are BIG pieces, and look fantastic. Posted February 24, edited. Next up, we have the little yellow helicopter. I love the tropical background, and view looking down the runway.


Review – – International Jetport. Great trip back in time. Unfortunately it is now stored in a box somewhere, although I must say that after all these years all the stickers are still intact. I always wanted this set when I was a kid.

LEGO Town International Jetport () | eBay

Here is a close up of the windows, tree and small garden. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Back side of the instructions cover. Now for the weird part. Han Solo eat your heart out! Thank you for taking the time to do this! I love the rock music stage, as it has nothing to do with an airport, and demonstrates the flexibility of the set. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Closer look on employees. Next up, we start buliding structures. Here are a few close up and in action shots, to give you an idea of the play values in this set. The plastic tray on its own.