The Other Side has ratings and 93 reviews. Orsodimondo said: LA PORTA DELLA PERCEZIONENel il boemo Alfred Kubin disegnò le illustrazioni di. Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite. This photo is in 1 album. Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite 51 items. Tags · Alfred · Kubin · die · Andere · Seite. Kubin, Alfred. DIE ANDERE SEITE. EIN PHANTASTISCHER ROMAN. Munchen und Leipzig: Georg Muller, Octavo, pp. [i-viii] [] [ blank].

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The first time through this novel I was shaken, my nerves were working overtime, and I couldn’t think straight for a while after having finished it.

Interestingly, in contrast to possible interpretations of LeGuin, Kubin seems to suggest that collective thought tends only towards destruction, that the mass effect of humanity is only site ill. And it has some interesting ideas, like buildings infesting a sort of energy from the events that have occurred there.

There you have my whole theory. Views Read Edit View history. I liked the written descriptions of what would have been drawings.

The Other Side by Alfred Kubin

Come il protagonisti siamo di continuo spinti a pensare: La segunda parte del libro es un derroche de caos y descontrol. In any case certain sndere of the book resonated deeply with me, but despite very well written language the situations described are so weird that I had to read many passages over and over again to get the approximation of what is going on.

This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Patera hovers over with the promise of his invitation. Pero esto tampoco significa que sea un mal libro ni mucho menos.

Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite

From tohe was apprenticed to the landscape photographer Alois Beer, although he learned little. Something about andee collective unconscious in a burned to the ground village made me feel so tired. No trivia or quizzes yet. A job is promised, interim funding provided. Unfortunately this is an example of the sum being less than the parts.


Flickriver: Photoset ‘Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite’ by Mattia Moretti

My edition from is the first edition to have his comple Nothing short of amazing. Kubin is considered an important representative of Symbolism and Expressionism. Shit, if they want shitty neighbors I can give them shitty neighbors. Money won’t protect you. I took a look at what other reviews said. I piani di lettura si moltiplicano.

The Other Side is a gloomily satirical novel showing some fine rudiments of absurdism and it is a seitee of a mystical dystopia. Imagine yourself walking among the dead where the people seem more alive that the people you know in your real life. I don’t want to think too hard to come up with this means this or this means that.

I liked how one man would give a look like a man who had fallen off a cliff. Literally, not just hyperbolically. I actually have the older Kuibn Classics, not the new Dedalusbut nonetheless a horror and intensity comes through that’s hard to put out of mind. I think it would have been better at a somewhat shorter length; the hideous events palled by repetition.

Nov 20, Talie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Che, come dicevo, rimase gesto irripetuto. Also the comparison to Kafka on the back of the book actually kinds of makes sense, that’s a first.

Jul 30, Eadweard rated it really liked it Shelves: My th rating anrere Apparently Kafka read it and enjoyed it. Study of the subconscious mind? Imagine yourself now walking in the past among ruined building and ancient relics.

Si capisce come sia diventato e rimasto romanzo di culto superando il tempo e le epoche. The narrator decides to move there in the utmost secrecy taking with him only his wife and from the moment they arrive they are bewildered by the uncanny nature of the Dream Country.


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The speed with which so many well-preserved and carefully repaired household furnishings turned into piles of rubbish was hardly credible. This is a thoroughly odd, macarbre, and gruesome tale, beginning as a shoddy dystopia and then speeding towards the most disturbing, surreal, Freudian and violent finale possible. There’s a letter delivered across bureaucratic lines of remember when we were anfere in framed portraits destined to sit on some doily covered dresser to remind the housekeeper that someone once swaddled us in doily-like baby clothes?

The artist with his burned out bulb of worldly and dreamy wonder is returned to sender.

Es innegable que Kubin escribe muy bien. I wasn’t too far in before the Moleskine notebook and the pens came out; two notebooks later it was over. It talks of crumbling societies, the death of old Europe and the ‘invasion’ of American values, class warfare, Orientalism, the demise of art That’s where Clay Davis’ empty pockets turn up.