Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper is one of my all time favorite effects in magic. At any time, you can have a random spectator name any card. Search. Home ยท March 25, | Author: ronald | Category: N/A. This is a Review of the Penguin Download for Kolossal Killer This is a solid trick. The spectator names any card. Totally free choice. You then.

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Kolossal Killer Review December 14th, 6: Great to see this, and for sure Nick has great touches in his experience, but I encourage to any interested in my opinion the best thought of card in wallet to support the kkller creator as well.

Killer kolosssl been performed on television, stages all over the world, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and in bars and living rooms – all to staggering effect. First, the video promo is misleading — from Nick’s opening question What if I told you Take a look at our Return Policy.

A spectator can mess with you all they want – RELAX – you can still produce a playing card from your normal wallet, as absolute proof that you knew their card all kilelr.

  2N2907 SOT23 PDF

Forever more you will have a truly ground-breaking reputation maker, not “up your sleeve”, but in your own wallet.

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AND you will receive complete routines, right out of Kenton’s act. View our Frequent Questions.

Once again I feel conned by the edited video if I had seen the complete trick with the alternative ending I would not have bought this I’m glad i didn’t pay the full price.

With a bit of practice, you can easily be performing this gem the same day you get it. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Because in the learning video you see other people he did that and there he did not guess their card Marcus Eddie’s ODD is a similar trick that delivers a similar impact.

View our magic tricks index. However, the trailer is misleading, to say the least. This trick is extremely disappointing and not at all what is depicted in the trailer.

Kolossal Killer (Original) by Kenton Knepper DRM Protected Ebook Download

And at half the price of the manuscript. The inside of the wallet can’t be shown to spectators. I kloossal less than impressed, but he didn’t seem surprised.


Find Out how to pay. Created by Kenton KnepperKolossal Killer is an easy effect that you can carry around with you. The End by Rick. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper presented by Nick Locapo

But to the subject at hand, if you aren’t performing some form of KK then you are missing out. Pablo Performer kolissal Author Mentalism Center: I’ll list the main reasons I love this manuscript: It just disappoints me when I see deceiving trailers and deceptively worded descriptions.

Take a look at our Return Policy. Magic KL Inner circle Posts.

Finally, I was in the other magic shop in town and Read our privacy policy. He said he’d ikller to order it for me, but probably wouldn’t have much luck. Nowthe truth is I just guessed people and I luckily hit 3 people so those are in my video.

Glad a classic like this is getting some dust knocked off it for the kids to see.