Learn True Health Podcast With Ashley James – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on the health The site has seminar schedules, articles, protocols and recommended. Prescribe for Yourself – You Must Learn To Be Your Own Best Doctor. Klinghardt Autism Protocols intro thumbnail. Klinghardt Autism Protocols ยท intro thumbnail. Protocols/treatments detailed within the Presentation.

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In these patients, regardless of the interventions used, the patient continues to expel these parasites on an ongoing basis. One study involved evaluating the urine for certain chemical fractions and evaluating those of schizophrenic patients and those of normal controls. This lecture was presented by Dietrich Klinghardt M.

Doing a heavy metals detox is not hard. History Ina psychiatric research program in Saskatchewan, Canada, led by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, the father of orthomolecular psychiatry, was looking for the possible biochemical origin of schizophrenia and a lab marker that would make it easier to identify affected individuals. Their bodies are now much better equipped to deal with these conditions when klinghsrdt have appropriate levels of zinc, vitamin B6, biotin, manganese, and arachidonic acid to support optimal functioning of numerous bodily processes.

In his experience, once the KPU issue is addressed, these HLA types become far less of a concern in most patients and no longer hold them back on their road to regaining health.

Stop eating sugar, soft drinks, white bread, fast food, red meat, coffee, alcohol, milk, drugs etc. People are so highly individual, so there is not one diet that fits all. Protocll, he advises people to take only five minutes in the sauna and immediately take a cold shower for detox. While working in India, Dr.

Heavy Metals Detox

Get Connected with Dr. Once you find the magazines you’d like to order, please use our convenient forme-mail subscriptions townsendletter. Apart from medical doctors and therapists, the Sophia Health Institute has six Naturopathic doctors and two nurses to attend to patients. Dietrich Klinghardt advises the intake of high doses of chlorella. In fact, it was proven to be very useful in diagnosing the health condition of patients all over the world.


The items listed in bold are those in which Klinghardt has observed a connection to KPU in his patient population. It is essential for normal growth, glucose utilization, lipid metabolism, and production of thyroid hormone. He has observed that almost every chronically unwell individual seems to have both; one opens the door to the other.

Often the host is triggered to produce neurotoxins which are damaging to their own tissues by the invading microbes through molecular trickery.

Subscribe to Klinghardt Newsletter Letter:. Apart from heavy metals, we should also avoid an environment that has a massive amount of electromagnetic radiation. If you want to know everything there is to know about heavy metals and heavy metals detox, I strongly recommend that you sign up for the Heavy Metals Summit happening on January 29 to February klinguardt. Sandeep Gupta, MD, from Australia has stated that parasites and pyroluria almost always go together.

Take Vitamin C 2 gm with the remaining lemon water 12 oz. He also explains that many pathogens have an advantage. The liver is most important in the toxion elimination process. Several health experts and doctors will be present to prltocol updated info on heavy metals and remedies.

Detox mechanisms include acetylation, sulfation, glucuronidation, oxidation and others. Deficiency may result in a change in hair pigment or a slowing of hair growth.

The HMU identifies how well the body copes with ionic active and free radical producing metals. Chronic infections, such as Lyme disease, may themselves serve as a trigger for the condition. Dietrich Klinghardt says that ultimately if you want to keep your body clean, do not rely on biochemistry alone.

In looking for possible explanations as to why some patients struggle more than others to regain their health, co-author Klinghardt has found a high correlation between patients with chronic Lyme disease and those with kryptopyrroluria KPUor more precisely hemopyrrollactamuria HPU. The HPU complex is a biochemical marker and neurotoxic substance frequently identified in the urine of patients with autism, learning disabilities, alcoholism, substance abuse, schizophrenia, ADHD, Down syndrome, depression, bipolar disorders, and even criminal behavior.


However, any form of enema therapy has some place in good therapy.

But now both proticol disease and cancer have been taken over by neurological disease. This leads to a significant depletion of these nutrients throughout the body and to the synthesis of non-functioning or poorly functioning enzymes.

Dietrich Klinghardt was quick to say chelation therapy has its ups and downs. Once bodily systems are back online and functioning properly, a few months after introducing the KPU protocol, patients become less vulnerable to Lyme disease, to mold, and even to heavy metals.

It is strongly linked to metal toxicity and the electromagnetic environment. Dietrich Klinghardt also agrees that garlic, cumin, melatonin, and cilantro are particularly effective in extracting mercury out of our brain.

Finally, an acid environment sets the perfect terrain for chronic inflammation, a major source of free radical production, and the vicious cycle is completed. These usually result in organ damage, reduced mental function, and lower energy levels. It may lead to neuropathy, neural and vascular complications in preterm babies, skin eruptions, behavior changes, sterility in males, arthritic conditions, dry eyes, growth retardation, dry skin and hair, slow wound healing, hair loss, kidney dysfunction, heart beat abnormalities, pgotocol miscarriages.

Dietrich Klinghardt also clarifies that it is better to start with a high dose rather than a low dose. Hence, you can end up feeling a lot worse. Together with his team, Dr.

Heavy Metals Detoxification With Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

Therapy Neural Therapy Color Therapy. The ENS has more neurons than the spinal chord. However, prior to Klinghardt’s early work in treating Lyme disease, never before had a connection been observed or published between KPU and Lyme disease.