[Drum] Johnny Rabb – The Official Freehand Technique. Uploaded by fogobr Johnny Rabb The Official Freehand Technique Drum for Drummers. Sheet music for Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD): buy online. Arrangement: Drums (DRUMS). Published by Hal Leonard, Hudson. Johnny Rabb, besides being a master drummer, is really known for what he calls the ‘Freehand Technique’, which allows you to play really fast notes with one.

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General Discussion General discussion forum for all drum related topics. Send a private message to GruntersDad. I have started practicing your technique after I met you but somehow I gave up on it as I don’t have any purpose for it Thanks freehannd much for your honest replies to the question. He referenced the different names people gave to the technique and possibly referenced you and others by name I forget at this moment.

Hi Johnny and welcome! GruntersDad Administrator – Mayor. Have you learned this technique? Thanks for your understanding. And most everybody agrees. And it was a pleasure to witness your performance with Dirk Brand at the Karlsruhe Trommeltage in late Although, the first time I actually saw it being used was Kenwood Dennard if my timeline is correct. Freehand Jognny by Johnny Rabb Hi again everyone! I was interested in it though, and did my own research and found myself having a great time with it.

Completely in love with your playing. Originally Posted by Johnny Rabb Hi again everyone! I cant say FreeHand is something I involve in shows but its a cool technique to play around with and raise some eyebrows. I guess offjcial two isn’t bad. You’re a great guy and a phenomenal drummer!! Send a rabh message to Ang. Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb Johnny, much respect. Find all posts ofcicial Derek Roddy. I said hey, and he just chuckled.


Find all posts by Snorbuckle. Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb Wow! I love Derek and Jojo’s playing like you could not believe.


Duck Tape Platinum Member. My son saw you play and proclaimed you his new favorite drummer.

As much fun as I have with the technique, I’ve yet to find rabbb use for it outside of contemporary-type solos and the type of metal that I really don’t want to play. Then you compared it too a handshake and it all clicked.

He is such a great person and down to earth good human being.

New Pearl EM1 3. Find all posts by Grummbles. The time now is I have to thank these videos though. I would love to know everyone’s view point on where this technique came from. Im 46 and I can always remember the “one-handed roll” as being this mythical thing that only guys like Morello could do.

To my knowledge you are ‘officially’ considered the inventor of the freehand technique. Inside, you’ll find a discussion on how the technique works, and pages upon pages of exercises to help you develop the ability to actually play rhythms freehanded, rather than just a spastic roll.


David Floegel Silver Member. Still have your autograph: It still amazes me how you throw that technique into a musical setting so effortlessly. To me your playing is so techniqje, I feel joy and “good energy” through your playing actually.

Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD)

Gulf Coast Seminole, Florida Posts: Welcome to the forum, great to have you!! Find all posts by Swiss Matthias. Send a private message to Swiss Matthias. Now, as a musician this all sounds very egotistical and stupid, but as a 16 year old loser music student, it was everything.

Johnny Rabb Junior Member. Anyhow, I guess the tough thing for me is that due to the huge impact of YouTube and all we can access on the jobnny, I feel like sharing this info. His DVD is killer and the same with Derek’s. Now I’m kind of interested though. Jojo has always been fantastic about crediting or promoting the Freehand.

The Official Freehand Technique

I think first you’ll have to deal with a bunch frehand fanboys before you can read any answer on the topic, LOL: Also, I absolutely think the Freehand is not the end all technique for drumming. Send a private message to davezedlee.

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