EASY MONEY – the Swedish bestselling sensation, a dark and brutal account of the Stockholm Jens Lapidus is a highly successful criminal defence lawyer. Jens Lapidus follows the lives of three protagonists of the Stockholm underworld, whose main drivers in life is the quest for easy cash. As a lawyer, Lapidus. From one of Sweden’s most successful criminal defense laywers comes an unflinching look at Stockholm’s underworld. Jorge Barrio is a drug dealer.

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Full review in Swedish here. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Articles lacking reliable references from June All articles lacking reliable references Books with missing cover All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced ejns from May Stylistically, moneg book is good.

Hij werkt voor de Joegoslavische maffiabaas Radovan en beheert diverse zaken voor hem. I’ll check out almost any translated crime fiction I esy across, since the genre is often much better at providing a window into the everyday society of a place than more literary fiction.

Characterisation and plotting are fast and furious, and show the moral vacuum of gangster life down to the nitty gritty of the gym and drug regime of Mrado, and the banal label-consciousness of JW. It’s one of those books that reads as if the author had aspirations of getting it made into a movie as soon as possible.

I couldn’t help but think of James Ellroy. A crime novel from three perspectives about the cocain business in Stockholm. It uses the popular gimmick of situating the action in a real city Stockholm and describes in detail the streets, bars, etc. Apr 03, Pages. Preview — Iens cash by Jens Lapidus.

Snabba cash

Read the Norwegian translation. Apart from being a superb thriller this book offers a parable on the complexity of morality and the human condition. Jadnog, cijelu knjigu sam ga zvala Smrado. A morally complex book will have you cheering on a bad person or a person doing bad things because you trust his motivation, you understand his quest, you like his intelligence or personality or just the cut of his jib, or you just want to see how the story turns out.


Het boek is goed geschreven, maar rauw.

The writing style is unusual and annoying starting sentences with verbs, run on sentences etc. Meanwhile, JW, a student jenw part time as a cab driver is having trouble keeping up appearances with the rich party crowd he so desperately wants to join. Although the novel positions itself not in the least by the bio of the author as a lawyer as realistic, it does contain quite a few weak spots in this respect.

Alas, the object lesson to be learned from Mr. Hij is een student economie en rijdt taxiritten. Wordt gedegradeerd en zint op wraak. Language-wise it makes a remarkable use of a host of vernaculars, which in addition gives it a highly authentic feel.

De harde onderwereld in Zweden wordt heel treffend en realistisch geschetst, evenals de connecties met de bovenwereld.

Boken har enkla ord och fraser som beskriver en hel situation. hens

Er zijn grove beschrijvingen van hardhandig optreden en geweld. Trivia About Snabba cash.

However, in English, it generally comes across like terrible wanna-be American gangsterism. Volgens Lapidus is Snel geld de realiteit en daar was ik toch wel erg van geschrokken. This is not always the case. It was about time, to say the least. Dec 03, Amanda rated it it was ok.

If you need to have a “sympathetic” protagonist in your fiction, this is definitely not the book for you. Lapidus describes what happened: Dan wordt het wat sneller en spannender. The vividly evoked world of the books is Stygian and jsns, with an unvarnished picture of the criminal fraternities of Stockholm Lists with This Book.

But it is a five-punch, five-head-butt read. The comparison is not quite apt. Jorge is the drug-dealing latino who refuses to stay behind bars — he wants out in order to gun down those who snitched on him. Yes, because Jens Lapidus has written a breathtaking book about the underworld of Stockholm. Especially because it is stressed throughout the novel that foreigners are treated as second rate citizens in the trendy clubs of Stockholm.


The boys by the stalls ran forward to break it up.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Easy Money’ – Washington Times

The pages reek with the sadism of the perpetrators and the helpless hatred of the victims. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Suspenseful, well-written, sad and with a sense of humor lapudus can only be called twisted. Jorge’s family emigrated to Sweden when he was a child, and he grew up in difficult lapiduz in Sollentuna, an unlovely Stockholm suburb, and took to a life of crime, ending up in prison after dealing drugs with Mrado and the Yugoslavian Mafia.

Veel verrassende wendingen kent het boek niet. Eh, it was okay. EASY MONEY represents lapidks new development in Scandinavian crime fiction, a breakaway from the more typical socially conscious police procedurals, or books that feature journalists as proxy sleuths.

Snabba cash by Jens Lapidus

Lapidus does not disappoint. But this isn’t the worst. This novel reinforces themes of much of the recent quality fiction and non-fiction regarding the black economy such as CollusionMcMafia and Gomorrahwith regard to the way organized crime is mirroring more and more the language and techniques of big business, and how desire for money can override conventional ethnic or traditional gang boundaries.