This BLOG is dedicated to the late, great drummer Jeff Porcaro. His cut-time reggae groove on “Love Me Tomorrow” is almost as great as his “Lido Shuffle”. From The Instructional DVD + Toto Albums. Transcribed by Eugenio Ventimiglia. Page 2. – 1 -. Confident Drummer Newsletter: Jeff Porcaro Grooves. I’m very happy and proud to present my first book: my personal dedication to one of my favorite drummers, Jeff Porcaro. The book (47 pages).

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Most of these new analog machines now can’t do tape loops unless you disconnect a bunch of electronics. If you use a digital signature, your signature must exactly match the First and Last names that you specified earlier in this form.

The main groove is very similar, but notice how Jeff’s pocket has developed over time. For example, Porcaro would often not crash on the downbeat of the first verse following the intro, in order to leave room for the opening vocal entrance to make a bigger impact. It’s a hard thing. No, I just use pprcaro equipment comes through the house here. He was very young, and had just joined the Tommy Dorsey band. You have to realize that there are some odd bars in “Africa”, so when you have a one-bar loop going, all of a sudden, sometimes Lenny’s figure would turn around.

When a clear and valid Notice is received pursuant to the guidelines, we will respond by either taking down the allegedly infringing content or blocking access to it, and we may also contact you for more information. You porfaro hear some very distinct Richie Hayward influences both in Jeff’s sound and style. Jeff was confident enough to be repetitious, and he never played an insincere note.


Sure, Jeff could have played “more” drums on this recording, but that’s not what the music called for, and whenever Jeff played, the music came first. Then Yrooves added some stuff to it. As Jeff lets rip on the kit, Ladanyi rolls tape. Copyright Office website, http: How did you get it happening?

Compare this to gropves more static hi-hat sounds on Silk Degrees, made just the previous year. Lukather turns to Jeff, slaps him on the back and says, “Awesome man. Take “Mushanga” [The Seventh One] for instance.

The kalimba is all done with the GS 1; it’s six tracks of GS 1 playing different rhythms.

PC drums, learn Jeff Porcaro’s funk grooves

He is the perfect example of what drummer should do in the recording studio. Jeff was a session drumming master ueff played with the group TOTO.

It will then be reviewed by Lulu Staff to determine the next course of action. For this tune, Jeff is laying down a solid four-on-the-floor kick pattern with a tasty offbeat shuffle pattern over the top. Goroves basically, that producer, that engineer, that arranger, or that singer, they aren’t drummers. When he got to the fill before the chorus, I started playing the chorus, and when the verse or the intro came back, I stopped playing.


Jeff Porcaro–The Groove Master

These three great Boz Scaggs tunes provide an gooves study of the evolution of Jeff’s style. The backbeat is on 3, so it’s a half-time feel, and it’s 16th notes on the hi-hat.

And lots of times you’ll forget what the tune even was. We’re going to go all out.

The first time through is solid, but, unfortunately, Jeff’s headphones fly off his head half-way through the take. People might look at me and say, “You’ve got good technique,” and yeah, okay, if you get to play ten hours a day, six days a week, for the past 20 years like I have then, yeah, you develop some sort of technique. I had quite a few, but it was probably actually only half of what I’d played on. The latter, highly recommended, is a record-long showcase of quintessential Porcaro: I made more money than I’d made in five years back in Connecticut.

Jeff also played on Boz’s Other Roads, recorded in It’s funny, I’ve seen some guys get really hung up thinking too much about the music. The title track is made especially unusual by the second-line idea at the end of the song. At the same time, I like to hear solos that are musical.