Dr. Jaideva Singh has an admirable command over both Sanskrit and English and has presented an exposition of this book with remarkable success. BOOKS. Siva Sutras are considered to be a revealed book of the Yoga: supreme identity of the individual self with the Divine. Dr. Jaideva Singh has studied the book. Jaideva Singh is the author of Spanda-Karikas ( avg rating, 29 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness ( avg.

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It will be absorbed in that very place from which it arose. Sanskrit and the Advaitic View of Sinhg. The Conception of Buddhist Nirvana. This kapala or cranium-bowl symbolizes the universe consisting of words and objects which betoken Bhairavcts sva – tantrya absolute freedom and caitanya supreme consciousness. Finally appears the unmana stage which transcends all mentation, which achieves Siva-consciousness and is characterized by the consciousness of unity of the entire cosmos.

The paravak level is beyond the category sjngh time. It summarizes the entire manifestation under three broad categories viz.

This dharana is Saktopaya. A Buddhist Doctrine of Experience. In this book, in the notes under each dharana it has been indicated whether it is ariava or Sakta ox Sambhava.

This is what is meant by saying that he attains to Brahman.

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Abhinavagupta gives the following description of this nada: This Aham or T denotes the Highest Vijfidnabhairava 7 Reality in which there is complete union of Siva and Sakti, and which includes the entire subjective and the objective world. In Trikathe ideal is not only the realization of the essential or divine Self but also jagadananda in which the world is realized as the bliss of the Divine made visible.

It requires two to enter into a dialogue, but when Bhairava and Bhairavi are non-different, i. He should withdraw his mind from everything external and turn it within even as a tortoise withdraws its limbs within its shell on the occasion of a great danger.


This dharana is Anava upaya. Nada in this context means the vimarsa present in all the words vdcaka and vindu means the prakasa present in all the objects vacya. Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness. He will then become identified with the Spiritual Principle.

Vijnanabhairava, or Divine Consciousness: It is anahata i. It should be borne in mind that the sphere of nara extends from prithivl tattva to may a tattva; the sphere of Sakti extends from Suddha vidya upto SadaSiva and the sphere of Siva includes only Siva and Sakti.

One will then find that it is the Divine, the Essential Self of all. When it is transformed into ndda y the predominance of objectivity is slightly diminished, then arises the stage of ardhacandra where sakti appears in a curved form like demimoon.

NOTES If the yogi meditates on the perfect condition of the joy that arises even from the satisfaction of physical needs, he will feel Vijnanabhairava 69 that the source of this joy is also the divine spandaand being absorbed in it, he will experience supreme spiritual bliss.

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That is known as akula. Janakiraman Vijay Kumar Kichlu M. It con- sists of bheda — difference or division.

As a bogy is used to frighten away children from their obstinacy for getting a worthless and undesirable thing, even so these concepts are used for dissuading men from sense-pleasures. Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — So there is snigh relationship among these.

A glossary of technical terms has also been added at the end. It is the mudra of the Sakta-siddhas. Singh was a renowned scholar in the Kashmir Saivism school of Singj philosophy[7] [8] a subject he studied for many years with Swami Lakshman Joo in Kashmir.


The activity of mind consists in all kinds of thought-constructs. High to Low Avg. This dharana refers to the rise of Kundalini which goes in a flash into dvada- santa or Brahmarandhra the cakra at the top of the head and dissolves in it. In Sanskrit, visarga is represented by two points or dots one above the other.

Prana is not mind; it is insentient, but it is not like gross physical energy. If the Yogi succeeds in fulfilling these two conditions, he will attain to the sunyatisunya plane, to the plane of absolute void in which all differences and distinctions are totally absent. Its synonym is Parama Siva. The deity abiding in the heart of living creatures sounds it himself.

Jaideva Singh

In order that these truths may be avail- able to man, the anugraha grace aspect of the Supreme Divine assumes the role of Devi or Bhairavi who puts questions from the pasyantl level and receives answers at that level. This is an Anava upaya.

In Kaula system, the emphasis is laid on the realization of universal consciousness. Entering into the root, middle and tip of adhah kundalini is known as vahni or sahkoca.

Jaideva Singh (translator of Siva Sutras)

Paradevl has been called Saivl mukha or means of approach to Siva. The aspirant should imagine that his whole body is being burnt by ajideva flames of Kalagni Rudra. Ramachandra Dikshitar MahanirvanaTantra — Ed. Varna at this stage, does not mean letter, or colour, or class. It is all- penetrating energy and fills the cosmos.