HAZET is a leading German tool manufacturer based in Remscheid. In addition to factory and workshop equipment. You will find HAZET hand tools in our new. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Páginas Valid. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Request quotation.

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Open cartridge, insert suction tube,tighten cartridge, ready for use! Usable with spindle and spindle nut Favourable introductory kataloog for wheel bearings with a 3 of 72 mmPerfect supplementary sets for 3 of 62 mmand 66 mmSpecial set for units with a 3 of 85 mm completes the programme. The tool of claim 1 wherein said rod includes a drive socket. Bore up with drill and tapping sleeve 2. Special steelErgonomically shaped 2-componentplastic handle covers 1K Clamp Pliers for Axle BootsCFor axle boot clamps on passenger cars, e.

For high-end application in: The hose clamp removal tool includes first and second cylindrical parallel rails connected together by opposed, spaced end plates. Hazet 2 karren en assortimenten Documents.

The first and second plates are mounted on rails with a sliding plate and jaw also mounted on the rails and positioned between the fixed plates. Telescopic rod, Extension length – kattalog round mirror 30 mm? Especially suited to the limited spaces due to the cylinder head cover1 4Set, 2 pieces: Engines Gearboxes lndustry Machine construction Model makingRelease accuracy tolerance: More stability against impactsNon-slipping even with greasy hands6 deepened gripping areas for high power transmissionWell-sized spinning areaComponent no.

Reuse of rejects High-quality chrome-nickel stainlesssteel provides good female threads resisting the influences of weathering and corrosion Complete sets with twist drill,installation tool, screw tap, pin kaalog and threaded inserts Application: The External Adapter must be used when the lnjector Claw cannot be used, either because of the kataoog type or because of the lack of space.


Lisle Corporation catalog, p. The first fixed plate 24 further includes first and second passages 52 and 54 therethrough designed to receive and engage the knurled end of first and second rails 20 and 22respectively. MM kxtalog, M Removing valve stem seals 7 mm straight pliers multi-valve engines Screws of the left camshaft sprocket E18 M 6 cyl.

The sliding plate is rotatably adjustable in spacing from the one fixed plate by means katzlog a threaded rod journaled to the fixed plates and threaded to the sliding plate.

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The jaws each include both a transverse slot cooperative with an end tang of a band type hose clamp and a channel extending from the slot for engagement with the end tang of a ring or wire type hose clamp thereby enabling use of the tool for either a band type or a wire type hose clamp.

Good tools area matter of trust! Ensure the speed rpm is adapted to the corresponding working step. Central locking system allows mutual drawer locking according to EN Sorry, kata,og list is not available. Dispose of worn-out toolsproperly. Hazett construction is shown in FIGS. With non-slip kqtalog material: The guarantee on sockets for impact operation is limited to material defects and faulty workmanship; the guarantee does not cover the sockets normal wear and tear damage.

Tronrud Engineering

For example, a tool construction which may be easily utilized with multiple types of hose clamps is desired, particularly a hose clamp that will be useful with hose clamps made from flat stock as well as rod or wire stock. That is, when replacing a hose attached to mechanical equipment, it is often necessary to remove the hose and therefore initially detach the hose clamp which holds the hose in a fixed position on a tube, for example.

Chrome-vanadiumSurface chrome-plated1S K 17 x 17 Injection Pump WrenchSingle Box-End Wrench for hhazet fastening screws at the injection pump,when replacing the toothed belt or adjusting the injection startApplication on 1. Only the continuous application of tool, screw, washer, component and nut made of stainless steel ensures a safe rust-proof connection avoids additional costs or subsequent damage!


Hose Clamp Pliers— ; Product retrieved from http: All adapters are excluded from the guarantee. The torque value for the housing cap recommended by the car manufacturers may be reached when using e.

Hose clamps are often utilized in the automotive field and for numerous other purposes to retain a hose inserted or fitted onto a tubular shaft, hose fitting or stem.

Various tools have been proposed to effect such a release of a hose clamp.

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Automatic gripping of hooksvery robust, with drop-forged hooks B For pulling off toothed wheels and ball bearings Puller hooks can be used from both sides;hooks with one narrow side for areaswith restricted access Automatic pressing of the puller hooks Special steel Surface galvanized 3-arm design1YZMax. Tronrud Engineering var en av foredragsholderne. When tightening the screw, the force is transmittedbetween surfaces reducing considerably the deformation of the drive profile notch effect: The mechanism for moving the sliding or moveable jaw may be altered; for example, a piston to effect movement of the moveable jaw on a cylindrical rod or other smooth surface rod shape.

Thus, the tangs 4042 of a hose clamp 44 hazef fit between the rails 2022 or alternatively be otherwise restrained laterally by the engagement thereof with the sides of the tangs 4042 of the hose clamp. Slim-Line” case only mm high made of plastic For universal applications,e. Sporting planes with motors, helicopters, chassis, motor parts: F” and flares1s Follow vehicle manufacturer’s specifications concerning torque values.

As a consequence, the construction of the embodiment of FIGS. Rust from external sources results from use of tools made of standard steel with stainless steel screws or other stainless steel components.

Idea Disclosure Agreement No.