Symbolism/Effects: This is the mudra for brain power. Hakini mudra improves the coordination between the left and right sides of the brain and improves memory. Mudras like the Tse mudra, Hakini mudra, and Usahs mudra can stop stress, anxiety and depression, give you more energy, and lift your mood. The Sanskrit meaning of Hakini is Dominion, power or Rule. It is known as the power of mind. The Hakini Mudra is one among the outstanding.

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Hakini Mudra For Brain Power: Benefits, How To Do – Mystical Bee

It is moreover superior while you need to come up by a few good ideas. Derived from Sanskrit, hakini means “power” or “rule,” and m udra means “seal,” “gesture” or “mark. Place mdra tongue against the roof of the mouth and inhale. Hakini mudra is one of the most practiced mudras in yoga. Or practice it 3 times in a day for 15 minutes. Why do we journal our thoughts that arise during meditation?

Given below are the steps of Hakini mudra —.

It is supposed to open access to the right hemisphere that is where the memory is store. Fold the fingers of both hands slightly inwards and let fingertips of both the hands touch each other.

Focus your eye gaze on the third eye, i. Relax the tongue while exhaling. The Sanskrit meaning of Hakini is Dominion, power or Rule. You can do it sitting at your desk, standing, or in any yoga pose, like i am doing in the photos.


Mental stress or unnecessary thinking, pressure related to personal as well as professional life, extremely hectic schedule throughout the day, ahkini.

Hakini Mudra For Brain Power: Benefits, How To Do

It is thought that this mudra that is named later than the God Hakini assist to further thinking plus concentration. What are the four Vedas?

Thank you for suggesting it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This mudra is also recommended mudrs many memory training and management programs. Repeat this series of movements for several minutes.

Hakini Mudra – How To Do And Benefits

The Hakini Mudra is one among the outstanding Mudras to heighten cognitive powers and ability by encouraging co-operation between both the hemispheres of the brain. However by Hakini mudra, you can improve your brain efficiency and improve your brain memory power. So Hakini is the God of forehead 6th Chakra or third eye. Top 10 Mudras for Your Yoga Practice.


However, the best part is that a human brain can be trained, just like the body. The Hakini Mudra for Balancing Your Brain Hemispheres, there is a simple way of balancing the left and right brain hemispheres by simply your fingertips, plus it is by the Hakini Mudra. This mudra is besides beneficial for focusing and brightening the mind, intensifying breathing and adjusting all hajini systems of the body.


The Benefits of This Hakinii Action.

Bring the finger tips of both hands hakkni by letting them maintain light contact. Hakini mudra is a very effective gesture which is referred to God in Hindu culture and is associated with 6th Chakra.

Regularly Practice Hakini hand Mudra for Brain power plus good memory. It is also called the mudra for the mind. This mudra moreover recovers and intensifies respiration plus the brain profits from it as well. Anita Goa Posted at Hakini Mudra is always associated with the divinity within. hakjni

Practice Hakini mudra for increasing brain memory power plus superior memory for 45 min every day. Hakini mudra is extremely efficient gesture that helps one to concentrate better.

Mindful Consumption for a Joyful New Year. In terms of science, this finger position has been researched fairly well; researchers have resolute which it endorse the cooperation among the right and left brain hemispheres. You are at the right place.

Hakini is refer to God in Hindu culture plus is associated with 6th Chakra. This will be the last instalment, at least for now. Why We Twist in Yoga: