The Dividing Head & Deluxe Accessories [David J. Gingery] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Dividing Head is also known as book 6 . The goal of this project is to build a dividing head from an inexpensive spin indexer and parts borrowed from the Gingery dividing head project. The main. I’m getting close to finishing a dividing head that is pretty close to the unit prescribed in Gingery’s Dividing Head and Deluxe Accessories.

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But might be worth a try. I’m now working on the plates so I’m getting close to having this project done. I really encourage you to read a few of these old books and in the process you will probably find out that most of what “Dave” has been selling to all of you is actually free heae really easy to access now vividing we have the intenet and the ability to download ‘out of copyright books’.

If your housings are sized according to the plans, you have little or no leeway to change the gears, you need a 40 tooth gear and worm of a pitch that fit the housings.

The Home Machinist!

In this design following Gingery the reduction is I belileve that after you get done with that section you will, if you are a machinist to begin with, be able to make this gear set, if you have the machine tools to begin with, which you don’t as you will need a dividing head to manufacture any gear.


A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby. Thus the blank was trued and sized right on its spindle. You aren’t going to make a gear with a file and a dremel tool and a lathe isn’t a machine shop, only one machine tool. This is dictated by a number of factors including the I.

The solution is to use a double-threaded or double start worm gear. I’m really not sure I understand everything I know about this Greg Hornbostel.

On the left side is the unfinished casting that will be the index plate carrier. The leak happened because I didn’t plug a vent hole good diviidng.

I often use a computer printout of a hole circle or degree wheel taped to the Gingery fraction plate to adjust strange angles. Dividing heads are usually used with milling machines for making gears, reamers, etc. The photo above shows the side of the modified spin indexer with the hand crank and one of the fraction plates described in the Gingery book.

heqd If we use a simple worm gear with a pitch of 0. The price of these gears is really cheap considering the skill and equipment required to make a worm and worm gear of the class required by a dividing head. I have the start of the dividing head cast and machined here’s a couple of photos.

Board index All times are UTC. This all of the patterns I have made,only pattern left to make is the indexing plate pattern.

The Frame The frame is held to the right end of the indexer casting by a couple of bolts after drilling and tapping the casting. Moltrecht ISBN v. Once you decide on a gear ratio, you have to select the pitch so the gears are a suitable size to fit in your housings.


Each single thread has the desired lead of 0. The following photo should give a pretty good idea of how things go together.

building the gingery dividing head – The Home Machinist!

The photo above shows an end view of the dividing head with a collet, the fraction plan holder, a plate, and the hand crank. You could, of course, choose to work with any reduction, but I then fastened the blank to the end set collar with 3 screws at degrees, slipped the thing on the 5C spindle mounted it on the 7×12 lathe between the 4 jaw chuck on one end and a 60 degree center held in an appropriate collet hiding inside a socket spacer on the other end.

I started machining the steel parts and will post photos later. This is fine for when one does not want to make and drill a fraction plate. The spin indexer spindle O. The above picture shows the major parts of the finished project. Now I’m trying to find the gears at a low price.