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I was just teasing you as you seem to be quick to judge people and their effort few things in this world are free, especially everyone who was ever in touch with racing knows that.

Leiria, Portugal Date d’inscription: Cylinder With increased power, the model year RSR and RSR have cylinder bore shape and timing similar to the manufacturer’s kit engine. Severe contact with the cylinder is attributed to some other reasons.

Frits Overmars Expansion Chamber aka FOS exhaust concept

When reading, I thought: By the way, the RSA used 42 or 43 mm carbs, on a cc cylinder. It was equally easy to remove the sleeve again. The high comp, thus low volume, has to do with overkars flame front reaching quicker the end gases?

There is a reliable way of measuring turbulence: Now many details had to fritx adjusted in the coming period. Ottawa Canada Date d’inscription: Bob van der Zijden Nombre de messages: This man has probably forgotten more about 2 stroke exhaust systems then most people can hope to learn.


Bucket Racing Fabrication

But the most important proof is “where has the system remain to day? While I am on overmsrs subject: A large inner radius in a duct helps to avoid flow separation from the inner wall the Coanda effectthus limiting turbulence and pressure loss. Just removing 0,5mm gave less power! My recommendation for crankcase volume is bigger is better than smaller in moderation anything that adds extra airflow always adds power. In particular, mentioned below is the description on the necessity for chamfering.

These steps can be used on any high RPM 2 stroke used for racing. Let’s do a raw estimate: One thing I am sure about is: Institute of TwoStrokes Nombre de messages: Bob, ease off the gas pedal, your not making any friends this way!

Join or Log Into Facebook. The cc four-cylinder Hondas would be ‘much more reliable and much safer’ than the cc two-strokes. Piston ring life on an extreme ported engine is not long, but you live with the trade offs. Il y a en tout 30 utilisateurs en ligne:: J utilise maintenant EngMod2t qui permet ces reglages mais sans donnee relative pas facile. Dean from Los Angeles did use the “Holy Wonder” in I had that same sort of thought in when I was racing karts.

Basically, it is recommended that the items described in the manual frit followed. Here too the inner radius of the ducts is important.

Because gives his me a strangely short exhaust Thank you in advance And sorry for my bad english. Brian Callahan Nombre de messages: Le Time-Area des transferts etait sensiblement identique malgre le temps d’ouverture overmafs du “Novel concept”. Sunday, March 11, Epoxy vs Ethanol Test. If you volunteer to balance my crank dynamically bob i’ll cover the shipping cost.

  432 1HF00 0AB0 PDF

There was an abundance of comments on the forums, most of all at Kreidler. First the class had to give way to cc four-strokes because the average street rider would be able to ‘relate better to that kind of machine’ and because a lot of TV-money was going to World Superbikes.

I thought that it is not the way to prevent detonations. By the way this is a real good cdi! You want to expel the exhaust gases, not mix them with the fresh charge. What exact unit was being tested?

Supprising was it to read that the system was patended in by a Britisch person, while the principal already exists from about Harald then got the data of my injection project with 2 sudents in my shop and made his anti detonation version of it. Just typing this out is long, so it’s going to be even longer in the dyno shed. Realising an operating FST engine Realising a FST engine is frihs that easy, because it has to be made very precisely, because otherwise the scavenging does not proceed symmetric.

I now have 3 transfer port molds made from 3 different cylinders. Yes, with a couple of differences The big diesels that you mention, have their scavenging ports aimed tangential so that the incoming charge gets a swirling motion.