The Footprints of God is a thriller novel written by American author Greg Iles. It was published in hardcover in by Scribner, then in March by Pocket. The Footprints of God has ratings and reviews. Mike said: We were introduced to Greg Iles when we attended one of my partners weddings in Natch.. . Wildly unbelievable tale of a sentient computer that—what else?—seizes control of the Internet, the world’s military defense systems, and a.

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Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Nothing could save him now. I tried to rise, thinking I’d call a pharmacy and prescribe my own, but that was ridiculous.

I keep seeing Andrew lying on the floor. Fielding and his wife had loved the place, and the Englishman had apparently thought of it when he wanted a secure location to discuss his fears. My father died ina haunted man, certain that the Cold War he’d spent his youthful energy to perpetuate would end with the destruction of civilization, as it so easily could have. Then I folded the FedEx envelope and letter into separate Ziploc bags, sealed them, and laid them on the counter.

And now the white powder. He’d had cocktails in the White House, anyway.

He’s a good writer, but this was not a good book. It took half of the book before anything happened. Can one man and woman change the course of history? Thanks for telling us about the problem. The instant my eyes registered the color, foorprints part of my brain whispered anthrax.


What Readers Are Saying What do you think? Footrpints put my hand to my forehead and tried to fight my way back to reality.


Mankind’s future hangs in the balance—and the price of failure is extinction. The rest of his work has been clever and original. I’d sensed something strange about Fielding’s behavior yesterday — not so easy with a man famed for his eccentricities — but by this morning he’d seemed to be his old self. Armageddon looms as nuclear missiles streak toward the United States, and the fate of mankind rests on Tennant’s ability to reason with the omnipotent Trinity.

His reaction astounded me. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Would they use a woman to kill me? It didn’t say enough. Using a highly advanced super MRI, the top people in this project including Tennant, are scanned and their neurological models stored for future use by the computer. Is there anything about this book that distinguishes it from other computers-are-taking-over tomes?

Lists with This Book. But I already knew my friend was dead. Are you in there? But the president was in China. The story revolves around a supercomputer being built in a secret government lab working on a project called Trinity.

The Footprints of God | Book by Greg Iles | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I’d seen it through the sheer curtains, but I was sure. Its lucidity far surpassed anything I’d experienced to date. Add to Cart Add to Vreg. Even if that weren’t the case, nothing good would come from my reading it. Greg’s novels have been translated into various languages and are published in more than 20 countries.


And it wasn’t the Rube Goldberg monstrosity they were pretending to build a hundred meters from his office door. Under the highest security classification, that team and its work are known as Project Trinity. Fielding might have been murdered for what was written on that page.

The Footprints of God — book review

It starts well as a sci-fi novel with the pace of a good thriller. I plan to destroy my copy of this awful book. I laid the letter on the sofa, stripped off the surgical gloves, and rewound the videotape to the point at which I’d walked out of the frame. Would Fielding have put powder in the envelope and neglected to mention it in his letter?

Chinese who speak broken English. Yreg eyes were red with fatigue, the orbits shiny and dark.

Even taking that into consideration, I found it hard to finish. The impact of the floor was like water. Books by Greg Iles.

Trivia About Dark Matter. McCaskell was in China with the president. I’d fastened the chain latch when I’d got home.