Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Absalom, Absalom!. It helps middle and high school students understand William Faulkner’s literary. Absalom! Absalom! is William Faulkner’s major work–his most important and ambitious contribution to American literature. In the dramatic texture of this story of. : ¡Absalón, Absalón! / Absalom, Absalom! (Spanish Edition) ( ): William Faulkner, Beatriz Florencia Nelson: Books.

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However, Thomas Sutpen realizes that Charles Bon is his son from an earlier marriage and moves to stop the proposed union. Boyd, The Reflexive Novel: Abaalon were novels of the Old South.

What do you think of Mr. Create reciprocal ACE blurbs 1 6 Oct 30, Nevertheless, if this encourages even one of you to go buy a copy to The Wave, then I will be happy.

Absalom, Absalom! – Wikipedia

Like the making of a pearl: The most difficult novel by Faulkner that I’ve read. The narration of Rosa Coldfield, and Quentin’s father and grandfather, are also included and re-interpreted by Shreve and Quentin, with the total events of the story unfolding in nonchronological order and often with differing details.

One could also criticise how narrow the world this novel inhabits is — whilst there are characters from different social groups, their presence is minimised and the locus of meaning in the novel is very much that of the white “elites” or, at least, a certain portion on the lower end of this group and irrespective of their relative “poverty” – I do not think Sutpen’s childhood, his “riff-raff” status, does anything to truly widen this perspective.

With the need for a son to continue one’s family name,sense of racial purity not allowing them to marry people of color or their children, the fact that they consider themselves disgraced if one of them was to be found homosexual or if one of their women was to lose virginity worse still get pregnant before marriage – their sense of honor was something highly vulnerable and insecure.

Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner – Reading Guide – : Books

Then elements of the story that connect with the lineage of Agamemnon are also fascinating and fqulkner, and I don’t really understand most of them, so I recommend coming in better prepared then I was. Why does this reconstruction of a uniquely Southern tale take place on Yankee soil?

As readers, we must rely on what we learn from the characters themselves as to time, place, absalin, and matters of cause and effect.

I don’t know, though, whether I’ll ever go back. He goes to colonial Haiti and marries the daughter of a plantation owner he has saved from death during the slave revolt there, but he abandons his wife and newborn son, Charles Bon, when he learns that his wife has a strain of Negro blood. He does a stint in the West Indies and comes back to the United States, specifically Mississippi, with blacks speaking a strange language.


I marvel at putting a foot into a sentence like stepping onto thin ice fearful of drowning falukner rivers of past and future, sentences that can bind you like quicksand, open a door to the Garden of Eden or Armageddon, or work like a magic loom to form a tapestry out of threads drawn from many sources.

His focus on the issue of race, and of the “taint” which even the smallest hint of non-white ancestry can cast over an abswlom, is admirable, but, again, I find the complexity of Eugenia in Scott’s trilogy, much more powerful – Scott deliberately subverts the trope of the tragic mulatto, and engages in a much more subtle investigation of identity than Faulkner and remember Migrations was published in – almost ten years before Absalom.

How do the particularly important symbolic roles of the mother and the father differ from book to book? The title refers to the Biblical story of Absaloma son of David who rebelled against his father then King of Kingdom of Israel and who was killed by David’s general Joab in violation of David’s order to deal gently with his son, causing heartbreak to David.

Absalom, Absalom!

In all three of these novels the family is central to structure, plot, and meaning. He is merely offended in his right to perpetuate his meaningless string of genes in a line of white-only male gorillas. Anger that he has the power to put children into the world – to CREATE like an evil mirror of the Creator of the Southern religion – whose only purpose is for his “glory and honour” to be perpetuated in a pure, male line. By writing this book, this way, Faulkner not only preserved a piece of Southern history, but also preserved the tradition of Southern oral storytelling.

Absalom, Absalom! Reader’s Guide

So, I am going absalom do something a little odd here which is more for the benefit of my thinking-through than anything else, so please feel free to ignore the following ramblings. Not only does Sutpen put her aside, but his son by her. She gives equal respect, equal place, equal relevance, to the voice absaalon the prostitute, the homeless, the slave etc etc. Whose version makes most sense to you? Each one of these four voices – which at some point are all narrators of absslon story – have some knowledge of what happened in certain periods of time.

There is a submission to the narrative abslaon must occur, similar, but much more difficult, to the submission required to get through basalon opening pages of As I Lay Dying, except that this one takes about pages to settle in fully, and instead of confusion, every moment of the reading is stunning and engaging up until that point, then after crossing into the rhythm and cadence and gaining fuller comprehension you are suddenly frightfully stuck with Quentin in the devastating heart of the South and Sutpen and Quentin and Caddy and the war and so many other pieces of this mosaic, this vast terrible mosaic Faulkner is finally able to fully articulate.


If I went back to the Picasso, maybe all those skewed arms and legs and, well, you know, other things would shift around and suddenly look like a regular human being. The novel is in effect an allegory of Southern history.

It is the struggle to cling to a glorious and decaying past, a struggle to infiltrate an unwilling society that is a mere ghost of itself and a struggle to survive the clash between the two.

He meets up with Henry and as the plot advances we find out that Charles Bon is Henry’s half brother. Looking backward through so much time at a self-made man who shared so little about himself, so much of what we get as a reader is projection, speculation, and conflicting absalno from biased narrators.

The myth that Faulkner explores is one that touches a very small portion of the Southern population. Many critics have commented that Faulkner takes his stylistic eccentricity to its most involuted and exaggerated extremes in Absalom, Absalom! View all 14 comments. I’m faulknwr outsider to that history – as is Shreve in the novel – and I don’t quite know how to react to it.

In Faulkner married his childhood sweetheart, Estelle Oldham, after she was divorced from her first husband. Here Rosa Coldfield recounts her reactions upon arriving on the scene where Bon has been killed, realizing she had dreams of love for him herself: He seems unable to emerge from this experience into ordinary life. Jul 31, Ted rated it it was amazing Shelves: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. To see what your friends thought of this book, please qbsalom up.

Now all this is interesting, and there is some lovely prose – after all, it is written by Faulkner. Or maybe loved it because of that? Karen Fantastic review Lisa!