Euphorbia erythraeae () Fl. Trop. Afr. [Oliver et al.] 6(): [Mar ] (nom. illeg., Art. ). Accepted Scientific Name: Euphorbia. Euphorbia candelabrum are succulent house plants that are fairly uniform in size and shape. The distinctive shape resembles a candelabra, hence the name. Candelabrum spurge has such an exotic form that it has become a popular landscape plant. This one is on the grounds of a safari hotel at.

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Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 34k – jpg rrrmarina. Some authorities further divide this species into two varieties, Euphorbia candelabrum var.

Berger See all synonyms of Euphorbia abyssinica. Euphorbia candelabrum can be propagated by seed or by stem cuttings. It is better to wash the cut to remove the latex. Place the cutting in a warm, bright and slightly humid spot, to increase the building of new roots. Water regularly during the active growing season from March to September.

Euphorbia candelabrum

There are 91 citation in scholarly articles related to Euphorbia candelabrum Kotschy. Use preferably a cacti and succulents fertilizer with high potassium content including all micro nutrients and trace elements or slow release fertilizer.

Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 17k – jpg www. It can tolerate moderate shade, and a plant that has been growing in shade should be slowly hardened off before placing it in full sun as the plant will be severely scorched if moved too suddenly from shade into sun. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum in the Serengeti Scientific classification Kingdom: Useful trees and shrubs for Ethiopia: Social Science Research Report Series Seeds almost globose, c.


The latex also contains about All Euphorbias contain a white sap that can be irritating to eyes and mucous membranes.

Euphorbia candelabrum – Wikipedia

The flowers of Euphorbia candelabrum produce much nectar, but the honey causes a burning sensation in the mouth, which is intensified by drinking water. But young plant are happy growing indoors, where they can easily reach the ceiling. Frost tender, frost free zones only. The latex is applied to ticks of cattle.

A field manual of traditional animal health care practice. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia trigona x – 98k – jpg www.

Retrieved 4 February The gallery now contains thousands of pictures, however it is possible to do even more. In Ethiopia a stem bark decoction of Euphorbia abyssinica is taken to treat gastro-intestinal complaints. It is definitely more tender than Euphorbia ammak or Euphorbia ingens Warning: Ingenol and its derivatives show tumour-promoting activity, but also anti-HIV and anti-leukaemia activities. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Much research is directed toward synthesis and biological evaluation of ingenol analogs and derivatives.

Views Read Edit View history. Latex constituents of Euphorbia candelabrum, Euphorbia grantii, Euphorbia tirucalli and Synadenium grantii.

Stem cuttings need to be stored for a few days to dry before planted or else they will rot. If grown as a live fence Euphorbia candelabrum needs continuous reinforcement planting. Euphorbia candelabrum is relatively common in its large euphobia of distribution and is therefore not at risk of genetic erosion. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Mtungutungii, mtongotongo, mtupa, mtomwu Sw. Spines in pairs, stout mm long. Flowers unisexual; male flowers sessile, perianth absent, stamen c.


Red Sea Press,pp. Euphorbia candelabrum is euphobria striking tree, growing in dry deciduous and evergreen open wooded grasslands, on rocky slopes, sometimes on termite mounds, from sea-level up to m altitude. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 48k – jpg www. Retrieved 12 January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is easy to propagate by cuttings in late spring to summer, just take a cutting of the plant let it dry for 1 or 2 weeks and stuff it in the ground preferably dry, loose, extremely well draining soil.

A preliminary report on the ethnobotany of the Suiei Dorobo in northern Kenya. Mixed with clarified honeyits sap was used as a purgative to cure syphilisand when mixed with other medicinal plants as a salve to treat the symptoms of leprosy.

Citation in news articles. Need a perfect fertilizer diet in summer.

There are 1 study abstracts related to Euphorbia candelabrum Kotschy. Usually 4 but up to 8 in juvenile specimens very deep, vertical or slightly twisted with thin walls and shallow sinuate teeth up to12 mm apart.

It is also blistering and irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. The tigliane, daphnane and ingenane diterpenes.

Buenecker Euphorbia candelabrum var. In Central Africa several drops of latex diluted in water are taken to treat coughs and tuberculosis, or as an emetic and abortifacient. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.