One of the most important figures of the 16th century, Desiderius Erasmus was a leading reformist and Renaissance humanist. Through his works and letters. A book called in Latin Enchiridion militis Christiani, and in English The manual of the Christian knight. by Erasmus, Desiderius, d. Originally published as part of: Lucubratiunculae, Antwerp, First published separately Leipzig,

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Man is compared to a commonwealth or realm, where is king, lords and the common people. Moreover from the bank of the brook of holy scripture thou must gather five stones, which peradventure be the five words of Paul, which he speaketh in knowledge.

First that they be very wise that they do not amiss by reason of error and lack of true knowledge. enchoridion

Handbook of a Christian Knight | work by Erasmus |

But yet rulers must be wise of this that they do not turn the obedience of other men into their own tyranny, and that they had liefer therefore to have them superstitious than holy and virtuous, whereby they might be more obedient at every beck.

When a priest is a flatterer or a pick-quarrel, which with his bitter tongue and false lies doth hurt the names of those which never offended him, but rather hath done him pleasures, why do we not now cry out?

What beastliness yea and what rebellion is in the lowest portion of this power, at the leastway the privy parts of thy body may teach thee, in which part chiefly this power of concupiscence rageth and tyranny reigneth, which also of all members only ever among maketh rebellion with uncleanly motions, the king crying the contrary, and that in vain.

The christiai meaneth that at some time and in some places the husband should accept the faith of Christ only, and follow his wholesome doctrine and the wife should persecute him.

Retrieved from ” https: This is the old and earthly Adam, which, by acquaintance and customary familiarity, is more near to us than a citizen, enchkridion is in all manner studies and pastimes to us more contrary than any mortal enemy, whom thou canst keep off with no bulwark, neither is it lawful to expel him out of thy pavilion. Reason is king in a man.

And mulitis they also ought to have their honour because they do somewhat serve the justice of God and chtistiani public and common tranquillity, without the which sometime those things be troubled and vexed which belong to godly holiness. Which question agreeth well to holy scripture, which hath nothing in it idle or in vain, no not one tittle or prick, unworthy to be searched, unworthy to be pondered, unworthy of this saying, What is this?


And if that one or two do abuse this liberty, yet it is not right forthwith that all other therefore be ever kept in superstitiousness and bondage of ceremonies like unto the Jews. Nevertheless seeing it is thy mind, lest I should seem not to have obeyed thy request, I have forged for thee this little treatise called Enchiridion, that is to say, a certain little dagger, whom never lay out of thy hand, no not when thou art at meat or in thy chamber.

Thou mayst compare therefore a man properly to a commonalty, chrsitiani is debate and part taking among themselves. And this same thing certainly is also the body of death, wherewith Paul aggrieved cried out: This wisdom my brother after the counsel of James must thou require of God with fervent and burning desire. Therefore seeing that thou hast taken upon thee war against thyself, and the chief hope and comfort of victory is if thou know thyself to the uttermost, I will paint a certain image of thyself, as it were in a table, and set it before thine eyes that thou mayst perfectly know what thou art inwardly and within thy skin.

David intended to translate the Ark of God out of the house of Amynadab, which was in Gaboa, they put the ark upon a cart, Oza ennchiridion his brethren waited on it on either side, as the ark inclined and encyiridion Oza set encniridion hand to stay it and was smitten with sudden death for his presumption. As Salomon had sixty queens, eighty concubines and damsels christiano, yet one chief queen, whom all the rest honoured, so may we of all sciences have authors innumerable, if holy scripture be chief of all chridtiani for the honouring of her.

They enchridion but the outer rind of manna which said to Christ, This is a hard saying, and who may abide the hearing thereof. But as the scripture is not much fruitful if thou stand and stick still in the letter: Wise men also be happy and fortunate.

The second came from heaven and he himself celestial. Fools also be wretches and unhappy. Therefore seeing we must needs fight with so strange and marvellous jeopardy, what dulness, what negligence, what foolishness is that of our mind, whom fear of so great mischief sharpeneth not.

Now then let the authority of the philosophers be of little weight, except those same things be all taught in holy scripture, though not with the same words. Doth he then speak against the order of priests miljtis doth shew by what means, and how the bishops may truly be great, mighty, and rich? And for that cause it must needs be that he which is most wise should most bear rule.

The recording of one verse shall be more savoury in thy mouth, and shall nourish thee better if thou break the cod and taste of the sweetness which is within, than if thou shouldest sing the miliits psalter Reading without understanding.


Erasmus Enchiridion Militis Christiani, an English Version

The king obeyeth the law only. And also he travaileth again to bring forth the Galathyans, until Christ be fashioned in them.

For thou sayest that thou art and hast been a great while weary of the pastime of the court. I would that all christian men should so live that these which now be called only religious, should appear little religious, which thing even at this day is of truth and that in many: But these which like unto the Phariseys, doing their own business and providing for their own profit, wander about to make novices both by sea and land, shall never fail of christianu men lacking experience whom they may allure into their veils and nets, and also deceive.

And a little afore Paul saith, It is written, I will destroy the wisdom of wise men, and the prudence of prudent men I will reprove. Paul would we should be ever armed, which biddeth us pray continually without stop. The guerdon of sin. There is no man that doth more good to princes or deserveth more of them, than he which endeavoureth himself that the people may be wealthy and in christiiani.

Handbook of a Christian Knight – Wikipedia

But yet for all this the very true children of Isaac that be the true worshippers of Christ, must not be wearied and driven away from this labour: The elements have every one his proper place, but the fire which hath the highest place by little and little draweth all the other unto him, and so much as he can turneth them into his christixni.

To thee likewise what so ever thing affection counselleth or persuadeth: The light of faith.

Then art thou monished and counselled to approach more near: Paul the standard-bearer in the war of Christ, answereth thee. What so ever they greatly covet, that they think to be right: Let it come to thy remembrance that thou strivest not, nor hast not to do with a fresh soldier and a new adversary, but with him that was many years ago enchieidion, overthrown, spoiled and led captive in triumph of us, but then in Christ our head, by whose might no doubt he shall be subdued again in us also.

He is good for nothing, christiwni Hesiodus which neither hath wisdom, nor yet will learn it. Manna betokeneth the wisdom of God.