Read the short Story “The Eclipse” by Augusto Monterroso. 2. Prepare the set of pre-case questions as a homework. • 3. Question-Based Discussion. • 4. Summary in English: El Eclipse was written by Augusto Monterroso. It takes place in several centuries ago when the Spanish were sending missionaries to the. Augusto Monterroso utilizes irony to outline the demise of Brother Bartolomo Arazzola, at the hands of Arazzola’s own arrogance. Instances of.

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Translated by Wilfrido H. Mayan Indians and a Spanish priest. The three year time gap that Bartolome Arrazola spent in Guatemalan jungle demonstrated the insufficient use of this time when compare to the two hour it took for his demise. Monterroso successfully continues to use imagery to help the audience create a mental picture of the text.

What do you think the Indians “consulted” one another about? He was given three years to learn eclpse Mayan culture but when it was time for him to demonstrate his knowledge, it was unsuccessful. El eclipse by Augusto Monterroso. Florencia rated it it was ok Aug 05, Have things changed much since the Discovery?


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What is the sequence of questions that will be your plan? Thinking he had the upper hand, he tried to deceive the natives of an impending eclipse. Monterroso, known for his ironical style of writing in his stories, did not disappoint again.

Jul 03, Mateo R. When he decides that he no longer wishes to die as a prisoner that is exactly what happens.

However, Bartolome chosen to stay arrogant. His attempt ultimately fails because the natives already possessed knowledge of eclipses thanks to the astronomers of the Mayan community.

El eclipse/ The Eclipse | Spanish Texts Translated

Where do they live? It had only taken the Mayans two hours to decide to continue on ve the sacrifice and commit the act. What is the relationship between power and knowledge in this story? He saw that a small counsel was set up and waited confidently, not without some disdain. Sep 06, Jessica Van Vleet rated it it was amazing. It portrays how Arrazola believed his knowledge of this astrological event would help save augustk life from monterriso tragic end. How did the Indians know about the eclipses?

Are any of these ideas relevant today? This usage of imagery describing the darkening of the sun portrays a negative, sinister connotation.

In your opinion, was this action justified? His use of irony brings about a sense of humour to the reader and illustrates the haughtiness of Arazzola throughout his tenure being stranded in Guatemala.


“The Eclipse” Irony – In Class Essay

You know they are going to sacrifice you and you have to convince the Indians to stop the sacrifice. These ferocious and wild images depict a society far more savage than the cultivated European public.

Dustin marked it as to-read Sep auugsto, Maria Giovanna rated it it was amazing Apr 01, Which was obviously not enough for survival since it failed to save him from his sacrifice. Skip to main content. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Julieta Arien rated it it was ok Aug 16, Dull P rated it liked it Oct 08, Booksearcher rated it liked it Oct 27, Inma added it Dec 26, Lists with This Book.

The instructor asks questions and keeps track of answers. How were the indians going to kill him and where?