David Andrew Gemmell was a British author of heroic fantasy, best known for his debut novel, Legend. A former journalist and. Buy The Sword in the Storm (Rigante) Reissue by David Gemmell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Just wondering if anyone can help me i just finished reading my first David Gemmell book (Sword in the Storm), i enjoyed it so much i read the.

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Deep point of view of main characters shows all to be flawed, driven and occasionally very wrong. The world is dark and unafraid, and they will understand only the violence he delivers to them.

Yes we are born alone, and yes we will die alone. I struggled with the way it is written. Rigante Series David Gemmell. Damn would have been nice to read about the destruction of the Stone Army and Conns rise to High King.

The Rigante Series

Read it Forward Read it first. Conor Time for beer Jan rigamte, Boys who can run and fight and ride and kill better than any other warrior alive.

It’s there, but its not so overwhelmingly sappy that I lose interest. Stay in Touch Sign up. His Drenai saga is probably the most well known especially Druss the Legend Lists with This Book. This first book takes Connavar from childhood into early adulthood, and to a leadership role among his people, the Rigante.

Jun 13, Cheryl rated it it was ok. I could go through the book blow by blow on what I liked and didn’t but basically it boils down to the ultimate test – am I going to read the next one in the series? What did I learn from this book? It ended well, too. Definitely make sure you read Midnight Falcon after it too. Waldo New Member Jan 7, I know that Gemmell is a really popular fantasy author but I guess I just don’t get it.


After one incident, he swears that he will never be the same again, and always remember that lesson. Among them lives a warrior who bears the mark of fate. Sep 02, James Halski rated it it was amazing. The entire series deals with the Stones of Power, also known as the Sipstrassi. Among them lives a boy whose destiny is written in the starlight.

There was no real story to build up to and once the big war took place it was finished so quickly the reader barely noticed. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors.

Michael Pejin Not at all, this book can be read without reading any other David Gemmell books and is a wonderful introduction to his writing style if you haven’t …more Not at all, this book can be read without reading any other David Gemmell books and is a wonderful introduction to his writing style if you haven’t read any of his works at all. Heroic fantasy Historical fantasy. One will become the Ravenheart, an outlaw leader whose daring exploits will inspire the Rigante.

Rigante Series in Order – David Gemmell – FictionDB

Joined Aug 20, Messages 5. Way too many pages that I had to skip over due to sexual content. The arch villain has some interesting sides to him, but Gemmell has chosen to take the story in a direction in which he is essentially Hitler.

Other books in the series.

Rigante series | David Gemmell Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is the first book in the Rigante series, which introduces us to Connavar, a hero in the classic mold. Preview — Sword in the Storm by David Gemmell. He struggles with who he is and what he needs to do.

Unlike most in the heroic fantasy sub-genre, this book is set at the end of the Bronze age, and the beginning of the Iron Age. Whether you are an avid reader of the fantasy genre or simply someone who delights in powerful, affecting prose this author whose accomplished ability and remarkable depth of meaning that remains unmatched is a master of his gemmll. But they are human. That’s why any small danger they’re facing becomes interesting and the plot turns exiting. Unfortunately I now know the truth about the Alamo… The Rigange is a consistent story of cock-up after cock-up.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. They are clansmen, and more than that, they are Rigante. It seems to be true,’ he admitted. Gemmell really knows how to enchant the reader and bring them into the story. I’m not saying they weren’t very brave men. I just don’t buy it in the serious and otherwise realistic tone Gemmell writes with. And this is where I get off the boat. Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell’s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption.

Anyhow, his character and plot development are so rigants, ithat no matter which novel you read riigante want to know what happens next, AND what happened before.

In other projects Wikiquote. Born of the storm that slew his father, he is Connavar, and tales of his courage spread like wildfire. He claimed that all of his novels have a religious basis, calling them “essentially Christian books” and saying that Christianity stopped him from “promoting the cause of evil” by writing “mindless savagery” in the vein of George G.