Polgara, daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, narrates this epic final volume in the David Eddings, Author Del Rey $ (p) ISBN Polgara the Sorceress is an immortal sorceress in the The Belgariad and The Malloreon. She is the (many generations removed) aunt of Belgarion and the. Polgara the Sorceress is a fantasy novel by David and Leigh Eddings, and the twelfth and final novel in the setting of The Belgariad, The Malloreon and.

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May 05, Aaron Dwvid rated it liked it Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. My daughters have even recruited their friend The Belgariad Series and the Mallorean Series are hands down one of the best science fiction series ever written.

Polgara the Sorceress

Books by David Eddings. It’s been an incredible ride.

The characters welcome you “Polgara the Sorceress” wraps up David Eddings’s high fantasy series that started with the 5 books of the Belgariad, continued through the 5 books of the Mallorean, and “Belgarath the Sorceror. Bibliography by David Eddings. This is the Eddings’ chance to expound at appalling length their various opinions about the hard-wired differences between men and women, leading women to be conniving, emotional, sorcerses in the kitchen and with children, completely irrational in love, and made for making babies.

When the Rivan King was killed by assassins, Polgara became the guardian of a secret line of surviving heirs. Polgara the Sorceress is the second prequel to the Belgariad and Malloreon series. Evil is rising once more from the city of endless night and as the truth is disclosed the story of Wizardry and politics, doom and evil, love and magic are brought into the davod.

Nov 17, Sean Hendricks rated it did not like it Shelves: I’ve tried to accept her and having read her story I think I understand her a little better, but she continues to appear impossibly arrogant.

Titles are approximate translations. Fills in all the blank spots. This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Polgara’s story is a long and complicated one, starting in her mother’s womb before she and Beldaran are even born.


Polgara the Sorceress by David Eddings

Oct 23, Pete Mcgarel rated it really liked it. For many years, Polgara hated her father. Belgarath with Beldaran’s help eventually negotiated an uneasy peace, and Polgara began her training under him. Polgara bitterly resented the “loss” of her sister, who had been the polgarra of her life, but the shared loss eventually brought father and daughter closer together, and Polgara was presented for the first time as beautiful Polgara the Sorceress.

I’ll just be annoyed while I do it. There is naturally davi overlap as Belgarath has been alive through the whole of his daughter’s lifebut they concentrate on different aspects of the history of the Eddings’ world.

She imposed her own particular notions on the people of her duchy, modernizing its government and freeing her serfs.

Still it was interesting to revisit my teenage years, I wonder how well the original series would live up to re-reading or would it really annoy me. Jul 23, Brenda rated it it was amazing. This is still an excellent read even though I have very little sympathy with the so called heroine, because Eddings is just a brilliant story teller.

The first prequel tells a first person narrative of the life of Belgarath the Sorcerer’the Eternal Man’; this second one is the same, courtesy of his daughter, Polgara. As a teenager I was pretty fond of David Edding’s books, but they don’t hold up well after time.

Polgara looked gravely into his face. Over the years, she maintained a relationship with the descendants of Beldaran and Riva that would eventually become her life’s work. She later becomes the wife of Durnikthe blacksmith turned sorcerer, known as the Man with Two Lives. Ultimately she earned the gratitude of the dukes and her own duchy, and she became the Duchess of Erat.

Polgara the Sorceress – Wikipedia

Trivia About Polgara the Sorce It’s a wonderful ending to the series, and a reminder of sacrifices made to bring about sorceresz changes we need in the world. The place to start is with the first volume of the Belgariad, Pawn of Prophecy which was published first. The Belgariad Series and the Mallorean Series are hands down one of the best science fiction series ever written. The daughter of Belgarath and the shape-shifter Poledra, she has fought wars, plotted palace coups, and worked her sorcerees magic for three thousand years.


Due to different publishing standards, the large text was often divided for international markets.

Belgariad Prequels 2 books. Following Torak’s defeat at Vo Mimbre, Polgara returned to caring for the descendants of Riva, eventually raising Garion. It is a fantastic end to the series, a story about a magnificent woman whose dedication to protecting the line of the Godslayer didn’t preclude her from dabbling in politics, planning assassinations, overthrowing duchies, polgzra kingdoms, dancing sensually enough to make jaws drop, and having a whale of a time edidngs doing so.

The strong point polgafa this series was the adventure, not the characterization nor the witty dialogue which Eddings seemed to imagine he was writing so I see no need to read this unless you are a Belgariad completist. When Vo Wacune was destroyed, Erat became part of the new kingdom of Sendaria. But while I often dislike the main character and never warm to PoledraI do love the overall story this book is a part of and as with all my reading, I’m going to reread it for completeness every time.

Polgara and her twin sister Beldaran were raised by their “uncles”, the deformed dwarf Beldin and the twin sorcerers Beltira and Belkira all disciples of Aldurlike Belgarathafter the apparent death of their mother, Poledra. She became an expert in not being noticed, often living in sorceresss towns of Sendaria.