CSOPERATING SYSTEMS QUESTION BANK. SUB. Why is the Operating System viewed as a resource allocator & control program? 3. What is the. Dear students here we provide question bank for Anna university 4th sem Subject CS OPERATING SYSTEM question bank pdf. you can download the OS. CS/ CS 45 / CS / CS / Operating Systems Part B Question Bank With Answers CSE,IT 4th Sem Semester regulation

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What is a Process? This strategy produces the smallest leftover hole. This record can be found using hashing or index techniques t p h t 9.


It defines a master-slave relationship. Define Logical Address and Physical Address. Operating system does not allow child to continue if its parent terminates.

What are Pages and Frames? What is Look Scheduling? A set of processes is in deadlock state when every process in the set is waiting for an event that can be caused only by the other process in the set. All processors are peers.

What is the basic method of Segmentation? What are the methods for dealing the Deadlock Problem? Visit blog for latest study materials. Explain the classical problem on Synchronization. Deleting a file with one path deletes the file in all the other paths.


Each process must request permission to enter its critical section. If the program is loaded into memory starting at locationhow do those addresses have to be adjusted? Explain about various Allocation Methods. What do you mean by First Fit? A thread that sc2254 to be cancelled is often referred to as the target thread.

For instance, if there are 93 frames and 5 processes, each process will get 18 frames. Instead, it is created by the pipe system call, which returns two descriptors, one of which accepts input that is sent to the other descriptor reliably, without duplication, and in order.

Write the indexed allocation with its performance. It is the unit of work in a modern operating system. Begins at the root and follows a path down to the specified file, giving the directory names on the path.

State the two parameters. What is a Pure Demand Paging? Cs2245 can be eliminated by reducing the level of multiprogramming. Define Rotational Latency and Disk Bandwidth. Defines a path from the current directory.

What are the most common schemes for defining the logical structure of a directory? What is a semaphore?

Write in detail about directory structure. Explain the disk scheduling algorithms t u e Under normal mode of operation, a process may utilize a resource in the following sequence: If the block is free, the bit is 1; if the block is allocated, the bit is 0. It is possible only if relocation is dynamic, and is done at execution time. The status of the queue is as follows 86, ,,, What is the total distance in cylinders that the disk arm moves to satisfy the entire pending request for each of the following disk-scheduling algorithms?


Digital Logic Circuits – Circuit using Boolean exp What are the different types of Multiprocessing?


Total CPU operatng used by a process to date. The requirements can be divided into two basic groups: The secondary memory is usually a high speed disk. The base register holds the smallest legal physical address; the limit register contains the size of the range. What are the various File Operations? Anna University – Mathematics 1 – January Que Differentiate tightly coupled systems and loosely coupled systems.

Differentiate a page from a segment. What is Turnaround Time?