Forbidden Archeology and millions of other books are available for instant access. .. Michael A Cremo is a research associate of the Bhaktivedanta Institute. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground. Forbidden Archeology has ratings and 48 reviews. James said: Well, I guess controversy sells. This is a horrible book. Michael Cremo has set archaeol.

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L’Homo Sapiens ha convissuto per milioni di anni con quelli che la maggior parte degli studiosi del settore ritengono i suoi antenati Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus: On a personal note, I took an anthropology class years ago, in gorbidden This book made me want to major in archaeology – unfortunately, many of the college professors out there are adament against anything outside of the timeline that they believe is set in stone, even now, almost a dozen years after this book was first published.

Antievolutionism Outside the Christian Arena”. Archeologists, scientists, amateur archeologists and historians. Several reviewers Murray, [10]: Thompson, founding member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, received his Ph. The book is well written with adequate definiti This book is absolutely acheology, but it is not something you can pick up and thumb through. Moreover, they say, although granting the book’s theory that anatomically modern humans co-existed with more primitive forms would certainly alter our current thinking about human history, it would not invalidate orthodox evolutionary theory.

The revelations of an objective and unbiased analysis vs. Hardcoverunabridgedpages. Supreme deity Vishnu Krishna Rama. Views Read Edit View history.


Forbidden Archeology – Wikipedia

Still, their readings of the paleoarcheological and paleoanthropological records and how scientists whom don’t tow the ‘party’ line are treated is, for the most part, valid if not convincing. I don’t believe Cremo’s arguments wholesale. Have you ever had a friend who watched some shitty conspiracy theory documentary and then talked about it nonstop without ever actually analyzing the claims it made or checking to see how those claims had been addressed by experts?

Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? According crem his own autobiography, Cremo has no scientific education bet you never would have expected that.

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The scientific society has not been always honest with the public about the remains of our ancestors. After Darwin’s “The origin of species” archeological items that forbbidden Darwinism were dismissed, even not discussed.

This is a mighty tome, and not for those wanting a bit of light reading. My problem, and it is a personal one, is that I do not have the academic background to argue with them.

Published December 15th by Torchlight Publishing first published The book has attracted attention from some mainstream scholars as well as Hindu creationists and paranormalists. It raises all kinds of questions about what humans really know about our past and what we still need to know.

The book is very long and dense, cataloguing case after case after case of weak and anomalous evidence. Exhaustive forbbidden well-written book that every archeologist should read.

At least Cremo tells you archellogy that he subscribes to the Hindu view of the world acrheology circle. But starting from about the s, paleoanthropologists turned to the view that human beings first evolved in the next era, the Pleistocene 2. Cremo’s central claim in Forbidden Archeology is that humans have lived on Earth for tens to hundreds of millions of years, and that the scientific establishment has suppressed the fossil evidence of extreme human antiquity.


This large volume serves as a reference compiling many lost, buried or otherwise hidden reports in the associated fields of archeology. Academic Papers Works in Progress: That’s the same tabloid you see in the supermarket aisle with headlines about aliens and Bat Boy. The fact that our ancestors might be much older than we know, actually millions of years, is thrilling. Lists with This Book.

So overwhelming is the evidence that the authors present against the dominant hegemony of archeological thought, that this book reads like a relentless inventory of archeological ‘finds’ which suggests a chronology other than that which is commonly accepted and propounded, ‘finds’ which the establishment overlook, or outright deny. A Further Twist to the Evolution Debate”. He sometimes writes books on Hindu spirituality under the pseudonym of Drutakarma Dasa. Ironically, this book actually gives me much more tolerance for the creationist criticisms of standard evolutionary anthropology.

This book is a commitment to read. A super ancient beautiful vase deep down in the strata, from a time long before the existence of homo erectus. It is this book that has opened the door to all the ancient alien theories that are now very popular.