Search results for ‘lawn mower manuals’. 27cc, 2-Cycle Full-Crank Engine Gas Leaf Blower/Vac. 27cc, 2-Cycle Full-Crank Engine Gas Leaf Blower with Extra. Items 1 – 38 of 38 Craftsman Lawn Mower Owner’s Manual for CRAFTSMAN,TECUMSEH Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Items 1 – 15 of 15 Craftsman Lawn Tractor Tiller Attachment Owner’s Manual for CRAFTSMAN Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part.

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This is for U. To find who made your lawn tractor, etc. The first 5 numbers after the decimal combined with laqn first three make up the model number. These products are made by Husqvarna. Roper was the company before AYP. To see a complete list of who made what for Craftsman go here: This only works for products with a It also does not work for Canadian, European or Austrailian models. To find the age of your Mowef lawn tractor, riding mower or zero-turn mower you will need to use the serial number.

The first two numbers are the month.

The third and fourth numbers are the day. The fifth and sixth numbers are the year. Model Number For Attachments. For Example, there are still quite a few Craftsman 2-stage snow blower attachments floating around with the prefix This company, Haban went out of business in It will not fit any tractor made after that date and you can not find parts laan it anywhere except auction sites like eBay. You can read more about Craftsman Snow blowers at MovingSnow.

My craftsman mower is model Hi Carlo, Yes, It looks like the old Murray made mowers had to be different. My rough guess yours is I base that guess on the copyright of the owners manual. Paul, can you cragtsman me what years Craftsman made the model Just a ballpark range of years would help.

The serial is no longer available. You need the serial number to figure it out. Here is the process from this article.

Sikkema, how about a Craftsman model Also a ballpark would help. Hi NMH the first six digits of the serial number will give you craftsmab date it was built: Hi Rob, Look at the serial number on the same nameplate. If you have a source for the owners manuals, any chance you could pass it along?

Hi Chris, I have no secret source. I just Google the number with Sears Craftsman Manual after the number. I view the first and last page of the manual and most of the time there is a copyright date. Since most tractors were only made for years you can get a guess to the age.


Trying to find out what year and model number of a riding mowers I just bought. The sticker with the model and date was all in french the tractor is painted all black its a GT My guess is that its between the years The only other twin to mine that I have ever seen is on Youtube check out this site: Kower Paul, Is this tractor in the U. If it is then moewr means it was made by Murray. If it is you can go mnual all the parts diagrams for the tractors here: So you may find the part on a diagram but you may not be able to order it.

You can Google search or eBay search the part number and someone else may still have it. If the tractor is outside theU. I have what I believe to be carftsman LT 4 wheel steer lawn tractor.

Hi Ronald, You have a pretty rare Craftsman.

crafttsman It was made by Noma around Here are the parts diagrams for it. Most of the parts are no longer available. Hi David, Is that tractor here in the U. That model was made sometime around but the serial number is not the usual Craftdman. Hello Paul Sikkema, This is an outstanding idea.

Actually, I have an American Lawn Mower and model no Can you say to me Who made my lawn mower? Hi Mike, The date code only works on riding mowers — but that corded electric is about a Also, do the same search and click the images tab on Google search.

Thanks for all your help. Hi Jeff, The formula only works mpwer riding mowers. I have a Craftsman model Im trying to find out what year it is.

Craftsman 917375922 User Manual LAWN MOWER Manuals And Guides 1402689L

Hi I have just purchased a used ride on model Hi Jim, I have no access to any information on the Canadian Craftsman products. When they closed their doors it disappeared. lasn

The tractor was made by Husqvarna or Mankal so all the parts except the hood are available through the appropriate dealer. The moser should be able to match the part by how it looks. Does Craftsman snow blower attachment Model Hi Sam, No, that snow blower is almost 20 years old. The current model snow throwers do fit on some Craftsman tractors — but.


The frames are too light and you will break your tractor within a year or two. If you want a tractor mounted snow blower you should look for a Craftsman Yard Tractor or Garden Tractor. Paul I have a Craftsman What other Craftsman models will the Bercomac attach to? Hi John, Your tractor is around a and Craftsman made quite a few chassis changes from But I suggest contacting Bercomac and see if your snow blower will still fit a newer tractor with an attachment kit from them.

HI BJ, no idea. The serial number prefix only works with U. You could try mytractorforum. Can anyone help me find the model of my mower?

Craftsman 917377100 1411347L User Manual LAWN MOWER Manuals And Guides

The model is worn off the label and I need some parts. Bring your old battery to Batteries Plus or Interstate Batteries. They will be able to help you find the right one. I have a Any suggestions for finding a replacement, or should I start fabricating?

Hi Frank, The reason you are having difficulties is that Craftskan has used the same model number multiple times.

Craftsman Manual/Push Mower Push Lawnmowers for sale | eBay

The last time it was used was for a Zero-turn. I was wondering if these two snowblower attachments were compatible with my DYS 24hp mower. Hi Scott, Thanks for the model number. The fitup chart I have here is old and it has not been updated for a while but….

The Correct snow blower is the Craftsman The new kit comes with all the brackets for your tractor, older tractors and Be very careful about buying a used snowblower. It may have been attached to an older tractor and the owner threw the brackets you need away. Hi Brandon, That could be one of four different brands. You will need all the numbers off that plate to get parts. If Briggs — Any repair shop can order parts. Kohler — Any repair shop. Onan or Tecumseh are both out of business but you may be able to get parts on eBay and tuneup parts from a repair shop.

I have a Craftsman