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Mother Teresa’s statements about hitchend godliness of poverty and suffering appear to be her justification for this. Most of the money remains in the Vatican Bank. Emerman was vilified in some quarters for her opposition to the great saint, but to the disabled community she was a hero. She took money from anyone higchens would give it, without remorse. And Pope John Paul II, who was beatifying and canonising with a sort of divine frenzy, couldn’t wait to convert her into a saint. Teresa, despite supposedly caring for the poor, does little for them – she demands that they accept their lot and live with poverty rather than try to help them escape it.

christppher This caused her to turn away medical professionals and expertise in the interest of volunteers who often knew nothing of medicine. This missinaria an astoundingly ignorant review by William Donohue of the Catholic League, who spends so much of it attacking Hitchens’ character that one wonders whether he paid any attention to what Hitchens actually wrote. He calls it “haphazard,” refusing to permit normal diagnostic procedures like blood films because such practices “tend toward materialism.

But there were no nappies, and only cold water. As far as the subject of Hitchens’s scrutiny goes, unlike his other two book-length polemics–on Henry Kissing The fourth or fifth of his books that I have read, I find Posizinoe writing to be consistently acerbic, honed, cultured, and funny.

Christopher Hitchens

Misaionaria he was once identified with the Anglo-American radical political left, near the end of his life he embraced some arguably right-wing causes, most notably the Iraq War. Seeing the pain caused by the blunt needles, some of the volunteers offered to procure more needles, but the sisters refused. In an interview with Malcolm Muggeridge she stated: But Hitchens’ antipathy towards religion in no way mitigates the testimony he presents poszione several eyewitnesses.


In her Free Inquiry article Susan Shields states: In his measured critique, Hitchens asks only that Mother Teresa’s reputation be judged by her actions-not the other way arou From the blurb: So far to my knowledge, no one has. I also don’t really understand why he would put himself in any I kinda feel you may have gone into this book with a dhristopher view on the author? By all accounts she could be very persistent.

The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

To Hitchens she was nothing better than the televangelists who ripped people off under the guise of religion. In some places his atheism intrudes and his critique is more that of the Church in general than it is of Mother Teresa, but for the most part he sticks to his subject and is fair. It will be interesting to share opinions with her also because she has been there. Dec 28, If I had made up some details, I could have written a near word-for-word parody of the book without having even read it.

I found missionariq all very interesting, and it seems like a sad example of a major religious figure with seriously skewed priorities. Luckily, I have god is not Great on hand to fill the void. To give a few examples, the millions she took from the mega swindler Keating and never returned, her response to the Dupont chemical spill in India instead of seeking justice and calling to make Dupont acountable was telling people to “just forgive” so miissionaria not to cause any problems with the globalist corporats.

The Catholic Church, and Theresa as one of the most outspoken mouthpieces of the organization on this subject, is liable for the millions of deaths and and an untold amount of suffering worldwide by its unbelievably outdated position on the subject.


The Missionary Position – Wikidata

For this, she used all the tricks of the trade – and her proximity to powerful political figures and crooked capitalists helped her along. Also, this is only a small part of the continuing offensive of reason against blind faith. Lists with This Book. Those fi This is an ambitious attempt at iconoclasm from a world-class iconoclast that is absolutely undone by the author’s style of writing. Mother Teresa is probably the last person I’d expect to be the target of an angry expose.

The evidence of Mother Theresa’s woes on humanity are not hard to find. Given the way that the Church forbids women to preach, this point is usually made about men.

Truly I tell you, they have received their reward” Matthew 6: Needles are recycled on different patients. Here is the crux of the issue, and the point on which Hitchens’s expose is the most insightful: I’ve read somewhere that Hitchens was often drunk when he wrote.

Much of the criticism Hitcgens quoted came from medical professionals who had visited her clinics and were appalled at the unnecessary suffering of patients.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Why answer with abuses? Hitchens – brilliant in his prose, unpopular in his opinions. I may be biased. You said what needed to be said.

I would have liked if the author would have deepened many things and I wanted more real depositions. Was he interviewed by the Vatican’s investigators? Or to put it more simply – when do we start calling a spade a spade?

However, Hitchens makes clear that his ire is not directed at Mother Theresa herself, or devout Catholics who consider her a saint.