volume. The principles he teaches in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People have made a real difference in my lif Revolution Bhagat unearths the darker side of the education system, and for that matter, love too. In the small and historic town of Is Chetan Bhagat’s novel Revolution underrated? 2, Views . Is Revolution real story? Views. Love story written by chetan bhagat. 2 likes. Book.

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Book review: Revolution by Chetan Bhagat

Posted November 14, at Posted October 29, at 7: Baba, and the land-disputing relatives, serve their brief purposes, but are unceremoniously swept away when Bhagat doesn’t have any roles left for them to fill. The book turned out to be yet another bestseller from the Chetan Bhagat stable. Thanks for the review, you saved quite a few bucks and valuable time.

Does Chetan Bhagat’s novel Revolutionreally deserve this title? Three of them have their own ambitions in life. Posted June 14, at 5: Things take a different turn when Aarti starts developing a soft corner for Gopal. Posted November 13, at 8: Gopal goes to Raghavs office but a chance encounter with a poor farmer and his kid who had come to Raghav for help shakes him up and he realizes the folly of money, power and wealth.

Posted November 5, at Skip it if you can. Gopal and Raghav are schoolmates from the childhood and share the same bench in school.

Answered Mar 5, But I was disappointed after reading it. Answered May 7, The death industry drives the city. Better luck next time!? Revolution got mixed reviews from critics and readers. The way the world works is presented in a reductionist almost black-and-white way, the characters — and Bhagat — refusing to deal with life’s complexities in a meaningful much less thoughtful way — life the way a young teen might see it.


Chethan if you dont know anything about politics first study then write… I believe really Gopal do deserves Aarti….

Revolution 2020

Posted November 16, at Despite sacrificing his lifelong love to bring nhagat the “revolution”, Gopal still doubts whether he is a “good man”. Posted June 4, at 7: Raghav decides to become a journalist and pursue a career in a newspaper publishing house. Bhavat book surely had a predictable flow and a common love triangle but at the same time it keeps you engrossed as you want to know what these characters are upto.

You dismissed this ad. Without any literary pretensions, Bhagat can tell a story set in urban India like only he can and win over readers. Ironically, Gopal is the perfect advertisement for a liberal arts education: This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. Blue-chip companies and software firms could open colleges.

Is Revolution a true story?

Even I have thought it really talks about revolution. Some does what gopi did but who was wrong a childhood friend who try to mess with his best friends girlfriend or a girl who played with both gopi and raghav or gopi who tried to stand straight and find what best he could do to get out of his condition in most better way Yeh in end for his friends career and again corruption he gave up his love for which he had chetzn everything And a girl whenever gopi tried to get back to study chetah call cheran in kota and tell about raghav and her relationship I think this was reason for his failure I think the story is mixed with real stories of many one’s condition and the condition when raghav gets aarti is real one seen in real life.


I was curious too about this book if not excited. Posted January 4, at 5: Its a nonesense work… Really nonesense….


Posted January 7, at I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Raghav comes from a well-to-do family and achieves a good rank in JEE. Post a comment or leave a trackback: If Im not read the reviewIm waste much of time.

Five point someone nd revolution r nice book n yeah i also wnt much part related 2 this revolution other than love story…n summary is also gud.!!! Chdtan thanks for saving money and time. I read this book… I must say it is fun to read it.

Revolution Chetan Bhagat – My Course Book

Posted May 15, at Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Bhagat unearths the darker side of the education system, and for that matter, love too.

I read hs novel first time. Gopal moves to another city Kotato join reputed coaching classes to help with his ranking. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.