Cause Celeb—the critically acclaimed debut novel from a writer with a boundless grasp of the existential and the uproarious—has just landed in America. Synopsis. Cause Celeb is the debut novel from Helen Fielding, the bestselling author of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Disillusioned by her glitzy life in London and her . Disillusioned with life as a literary publicist in London and sick of her hotshot TV presenter boyfriend, twenty-something Rosie Richardson decides to.

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Still, it’s not a book I either enjoyed or would recommend, the mix in genres just didn’t work for me. Ships from and sold by Amazon. May 18, Jill Holmes rated it liked it.

Aug 23, Heather rated it did not like it Shelves: Rosie Richardson isn’t Bridget Jones, but I did like her in spite of fieelding highly improbable adventures in the world of the rich and famous and then in a fictitious African country on the verge of collapse due to starvation.

Retrieved from ” https: There are humorous moments throughout, but a lot of darkness too. Ultimately, Rosie does find the peace of mind and passion she so desperately sought, and the success of her cause adds substance to her life and a depth to her character she had never suspected. Gorgeous twentysomething literary publicist Rosie Richardson travels to the fictional African country of Nambula to heal from a particularly rough breakup with a devastatingly handsome TV personality.

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Cause Celeb: Helen Fielding: : Books

I so wanted to like this book but I just could never figure out what it was trying to be. First enthralled with her TV presenter boyfriend and then disillusioned with his unpredictable cruelty she runs aw The author of Bridget Jones’s Diary started her writing career with this unusual ifelding that mixes light-hearted romantic entanglements with a serious story about displaced people in an impoverished nation.


I love this book so much – I can’t quite put it into words. Views Read Edit View history. It is I read a subject Helen Fielding is interested in and she has worked in producing documentaries for relief for such famines.


I enjoy Fielding’s novels even though I can never manage to relate to her female protagonists, who tend to be shallow women who lack self-respect, initially have bad taste in men, readily engage in casual sex, and play relationship games, only fieldung wonder why they suffer so much angst.

And when I got to the end I was rewarded.

Because even though reading about caude laughable people doing humanitarian work is not something that is entertaining to me, i still think this that this book has some good points. Jun 19, S rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first time I read it, years ago, I instantly identified with the main character Rosie, and her desire to run from a complicated and tainted past. The London social scene was hilarious. Literary Representation as a Source of Authoritative Knowledge.

The book did a great job of showing this and how despite the intense struggle for survival, the affairs of the heart are highlighted and made even more sensitive. The main character and narrator is Rosie Richardson, a literary publicist obviously chosen for her job because of her decorative function at literary events.


The Edge of Reason. Cause Celeb is the debut novel of Helen Fielding[1] later known for her creation of the character Bridget Jones.

Meskipun lagi-lagi konten dewasa tetap menjadi bumbu utama, namun deskripsi Afrika, artis, dan bagaimana NGO serta PBB bergerak cukup terwakili. I feel like I am supposed to take something away from this book, but again, I don’t know what.

Cause Celeb

I really like BJD 1 and 2 yes, the second book too! It’s jarring because it’s supposed to be jarring. Add both to Cart Add both to List. Parts of it read like a typical chick lit novel and the other parts showed a serious side, tackling the issue of famine in Africa. Rosie has to return to London and try to get the celebrities she used to associate with to come to Africa and do a benefit.

Four years later, she is running the camp and feels attracted to a new doctor, Robert O’Rourke. Rosie Richardson, in an almost unbelievable transformation from puffette a publicist in a publishing company to running a refugee camp in Africa entertains with her honest voice.

In some ways, “Cause Celeb” is a better satire than Fielding’s other books: Inspired fieoding Your Browsing History. This is the first novel by Helen Fielding of Bridget Jones fame which she wrote in