Iniciaron comercialmente en Armenia. El 20 de noviembre de se creó la empresa confecciones Leonisa. Se incorpora en su fuerza de. CASO LEONISA. SOLUCION MERCADO CENTROAMERICANO Asegurarse de que la empresa distribuidora del producto cumpla con la función de vender el. También se explican los orígenes de Leonisa y se hace una descripción de DE LEONISA: UNA EMPRESA COLOMBIANA DE ROPA INTERIOR. COLOMBIA ESTUDIO DE CASOS Innovación presentación editor PYMES.

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This exploratory work aims to show how Leonisaa Colombian multi-business company in the textile sector, has managed its business. The subsidiary in Spain handles orders leojisa all over Europe, and has currently attained significant sales in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The first is served through its production subsidiaries, which are responsible for supplying the inputs for the manufacturing of underwear.

The initial result leonia papers, of which 28 were selected, published in English or Spanish, directly related to the field of corporate strategy. Leonisa is currently headquartered in Medellin, Colombia, where it produces and markets underwear through various companies described in Table 2. Likewise, there is a treasury team and an administrative-financial team; both lend support to the General Manager, who is also the legal representative. To diversify the portfolio in complementary products: General Management accompanied cxso a production and administrative team.

Control is exercised through these periodic meetings, at which each subsidiary, whether it is a producer or trader, international or local, presents its results, follow-ups, projections, authorization requests and improvement plans to the board in a monthly basis.

Ley de These internal ventures are directly supplied by companies of the Leonisa group. Beyond or Behind the M-Form? The former seeks to develop new products, different from those offered in the market.

British Journal of Leonisx, 16 4 Once the concepts of multi-divisional structure and corporate headquarters have been clarified, the following section presents the methodological approach of the research on the Leonisa group. Even so, the senior management of this group exercises functions related to the corporate level of the strategy.

Therein, the author characterizes this faso as a corporate center due to the corporate functions it has developed, such as: In addition, the gains from joint negotiation with suppliers, csso abroad, are clear and materialize in economies of scale. Each of them was interviewed for one hour in August and September The structure of the Leonisa Group results from its corporate strategy of vertical integration, both forward and backward.


Nonetheless, there is no clear direction to encourage the interaction of subsidiaries or the creation of synergies between them. Leonisa was formed as a group from the creation of its different companies, with the purpose of minimizing risks in its growth strategy and, at the same time, streamlining both productive and commercial operations. This implies that, while there is a certain level of autonomy for companies and subsidiaries, centralized control is maintained, not only by the boards of each company, but also by the board of Leonisa as the parent company.

The four main distribution channels are national and international in scope. On the subject of strategic management from a central office or headquarters, Mintzberg asserts the latter is concerned with managing a strategic portfolio, allocating global financial resources, designing performance management systems, replacing and appointing division managers, monitoring divisional behavior on a personal level and providing support services to divisions.

Multi-business companies: The Leonisa case

Headquarters are understood as a central organizational unit wherefrom business units BUs are managed Menz et al. All of the above illustrates the structure of the companies belonging to the Leonisa group in Figure 2from the commercial and administrative including the productive fronts.

Furthermore, the purposes that keep Leonisa together as a multi-business company are analyzed. By way of illustration, the corporate procurement committee is made up of people from the headquarters and Votre ; from there, synergies are promoted with the aim of improving bargaining power with suppliers.

Strategic alliances and knowledge sharing: In relation to commercial management, support is provided to all subsidiaries from the Foreign Trade and Distribution Channels area. Additionally, this author warns that, in the case of multi-business enterprises, the functional or divisional structure in terms of Mintzberg is insufficient to deal with the tension between the headquarters and the business units or divisions that characterize this type of company. The following testimony accounts for these not-directed-from-the-headquarters collaborations:.

Leonisa. Los visionarios

In this structure, two fronts are identified: Journal of International Management18 3 Towards a holding network form? These corporate headquarters have been recognized as the most relevant organizational innovation of the 20th century, since it separated the operations of individual cwso from the strategic responsibilities of the multi-business company Menz, Kunisch and Collis, From the beginning of the strategy academic field, Chandler in his text Strategy and Structure refers to the headquarters as a central office wherein executives coordinate, evaluate, define goals and policies and allocate the resources required by a series of semi-autonomous and self-contained divisions Chandler,p.


These articles have been published by widely recognized journalssuch as Organization Science, Journal of International Management, Strategic Management Journal, among others.

In addition, a contribution to the teaching of corporate-level strategy, if a multi-case study were carried out that would at least allow conceptual generalization of the different strategies and structures adopted by Colombian multi-business companies. Its corporate strategy is characterized as leonjsa diversification, with vertical backward and forward integration.


All this leads to the conclusion that, although there are several centralized processes in the Leonisa group, the subsidiaries are free to put changes and improvements forward to the headquarters. Strategic Management Journal27 7 The literature review on multi-divisional structure gains relevance in publications produced between andparticularly in the context of developed countries.

Caso Leonisa Entreprises multi-affaires: Centro corporativo, Empresa multinegocios, Estructura multidivisional M-formLeonisa. Leonisa counts with channels for the commercialization of products in more than fourteen countries, through catalog sales, online stores, wholly-owned stores, large and small department stores and authorized distributors. In the Compensation area, the novelties regarding the payroll of each subsidiary are centralized, as well as the settlements and payments to parafiscal entities.

The size, structure, and performance of corporate headquarters. California Management Review38 1 The competitive strategy developed in recent years has been based on two main pillars: Particularly, it presents the purposes of forming the Leonisa group, as well as its main corporate functions. What are the purposes of the company in forming a business group?

The centralized corporate functions exercised by Leonisa to manage the whole, have generated benefits for all companies. The transfer of best practices is also one of the synergies that this group has achieved through joint management.