Used B&W DM Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. B&W Group North America. T +1 E [email protected] B&W Group Asia Ltd. T + 2 E [email protected] DM There is lots of unusual in B&W DM speaker system. Faceplate is entirely cast of non-resonant polypropylene. The tweeter with metallic dome is “loaded” on.

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The Downside The DM is obviously a mini-monitor that performs at a level greater than its price. This is trance leading up to the pearly gates, and the DMs beg to provide the wings, so extended is their treble. Due to the fact that many or at least spouses of many prefer not to have their speakers as a visual centerpiece in their living rooms, small speakers are dominant in the AV retail environment. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. They lend themselves to wall-mounting almost as well as the smallest satellites, with the added benefit of genuine midbass response.

SoundStage! Equipment Review – B&W DM Loudspeakers (10/)

They have obvious flaws when compared to much more expensive loudspeakers, but in their prospective price class, they stand out like a supermodel at a Shriners convention. I strongly recommend that it be given the best possible opportunity to perform. Trumpets rang with a full set of high-frequency overtones, strings were correctly proportionate, dialogue was natural, b&q even without the sub rifle shots had a modicum of punch and a long decay.

The DMs’ upper midrange, both crystal clear and flatteringly smooth, and their ability to articulate natural waveforms roundly lend a strong sense of openness to the listening experience. Also, speakers that are less visualy obtrusive can provide a more sonically transparent listening experience.


This is not your father’s bookshelf speaker, OK? Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer &bw. And like anyone who does, whether they gel with the party depends a lot on the crowd. Some buyers make their decisions based on looks alone, others select based on performance somewhere near their target price range. Details and density do not easily confuse the DMs from staying focused.

The title track of Bill Morrissey’s Inside is one of my favorite snares, and Morrissey’s dn303 didn’t make the 6-inch woofers sound tubby. I didn’t use the sub during my first listening session, and I didn’t need to. Related Latest Reviews News. bb&w

Speaker cables were Monster’s THX brand. Dm033 DM measures a mere 13 inches tall, seven-and-three-quarters inches wide and nine-and-one-half inches deep, weighing a scant 11 pounds apiece.

B&W DM Main/Stereo | eBay

While the Nautilus series has been extremely well regarded among the upper echelon of recent loudspeaker designs, it lies out of reach of most consumers. The Tree Of Life. Smaller cabinets tend to interact less and often introduce less sonic coloration due to cabinet resonances — a major sonic issue with dynamic loudspeaker design.

Fiberglass is reported to be heavier than Kevlar and presumably helps reduce manufacturing costs for the budget-oriented DMs. The quirky but accomplished Rheostatics also dish up a busy bw& on Introducing Happiness [Sire ], loaded with dense layers of samples, riffs, one-shot sounds and remarks that haunt both the serious and offbeat contemporary pop-rock tracks. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review.

B&W DM303 Bookshelf Speakers

From same Stereophile disc, track 10 of soundstage maps and microphone techniques demonstrates with a cowbell ddm303 the DMs seemed roomier side to side, expanding well beyond the horizontal boundaries of the physical cabinets, than front to back. With the right associated equipment — and especially with the Audio Harmony TWO in place — the DMs offer determinedly articulate and musical bass, but you may not want to plan a rave d303 them.


The Music After break-in, set-up, and some detailed positioning, I sat back for some tunes. The LCR3 includes a matched tweeter flanked by two 4.

The stands provided four rubber landings for the speaker. Kevlar has become a popular material for high-quality loudspeaker cones because it is both light and strong.

Next I reached for the music of folk idol Bob Dylan from his release of the classic Highway 61 Revisited Columbia. Size and price come in a close second and third. Create new account Request new password. This puts the speaker at risk of being knocked over by an animal or passerby — both a hazard to the speaker and a toddler. Bookshelf speakers are typically low-priced mass-market speakers that, as the name states, are typically placed dn303 a shelf and that is it.

I also wanted to hear the system in both 5. Some hardcore AV enthusiasts are scared away from smaller speakers by their perception bigger is better. Audioengine HD3 Loudspeaker Review. The Primare is probably more amplifier than the DMs would be paired with in a typical environment, and any direct comparison to the ProAcs is without justification considering that they retailed for 12 times the price of the DMs when available. Second, even though they haven’t got the bottom-octave authority of powered towers, their smaller enclosures cause fewer acoustic problems, making them a perfect vehicle for vocals and the midrange frequencies in which most music resides.

Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables.