In her chilling third novel, Yovanoff (The Space Between) combines supernatural horrors with others that are all too human. Hannah Wagnor is. Dear Brenna Yovanoff: I read your debut novel, The Replacement, a couple years ago and loved it. I put your sophomore effort, The Space. Review: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff. Been waiting a long time for this book. Finally got to read it:) It was different from what I thought it.

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Then as I was reading, it seemed to just get more and more confusing. Birds will be the death of us, people! View all 5 comments. Her style of writing is so unique. Nonetheless, he was the perfect match for Hannah- even though I thought it was an absurd match at the beginning, Brenna manages to satisfy with her secret ways.

This one felt like it was written for the younger sid Buddyread with Melissa Same ol story we’ve heard before not that way: It’s more of a coming-of-age sort of story. Was it some kind of inane red herring?

I have to admit that I was a tad disenchanted with the reveal of the serial killer maybe it’s just because I watch a lot of murder mysteries and I automatically assume EVERYONE is the killerbut the chase to find out still makes the novel totally worth reading and recommending.

It seemed to read more like a MG novel than a YA novel. I believe in them anyway, because the vslentine is full of things that no one really understands.

Furthermore, it never explains why Hannah is the only one who can see the ghosts. Yovanoff’s style of writing is very simplistic but if you really spend time with the composition, you will find a hidden depth.


For me, the major seller of this book was the paper heart cut-outs left by the killer with his victims. Anyway – For those expecting this to be a sort of tense supernatural thriller: I didn’t exactly spot it until later on. valentne

The victims are young girls, younger than Hannah and as old as her younger sister, Ariel. I mean, not really.

Paper Valentine

Why is she so special? No two characters were similar and I appreciated that. However, I can’t ignore some problems with characters and plot. But it’s lovely and creepy and you’ll yovaonff it, too. If you look closely, this is the same Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

I loved that Brenna gave us a sweet romance to offset the brutality of the murders and the creepiness of the hauntings.

But that is impossible to achieve because the ghost of Lillian lingers, appearing out of thin air to haunt her every move. DMS January 21, at Ariel–love her as Hannah’s sister! Glad you enjoyed the book! The declaration of their friendship is so much more than the small romance in this book–the romance is nothing in comparison! The way her little sister wanted to be protective of Hannah was not only cute but also ringed the tightness in this hopeful family and the same genes of Hannah, except her sister was more outspoken.

Ray Vs the Meaning of Life. I sat perfectly still, watching the board with goose bumps coming out on my arms.

Ghosts and Serial Killers: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff – wrapped up in books

I was instantly drawn to Paper Valentine by the cover. He pushes her away at the end as well, which I understood, but still, grrr! It takes a moment to get used to the idea of the ghost hanging around, but you know what? Quotes from Paper Valentine. When so few words are spoken, a lot yovamoff things get communicated differently and the reader ends up with much more useful things. When we first see him, he’s wearing a wife beater, even.


Though told from a first person point of view the emotions of all the characters are portrayed beautifully – which is very very difficult to pull off. And I just let myself get wrapped up in it. From the suffocating heat in Ludlow and the quirky, fun pre-teen that Ariel was. Through Fathoms Dark and Deep.

There was some nice solving crime type thing in this one! Okay, maybe not at first – because it takes a while to get to know her. Family, though a more minor thread certainly, still plays a crucial role in Paper Valentine. The main character is being haunted by the ghost of her b I vrenna a member of a marvelous online book club known as YAckers. Who is sad, and yet does not let herself be. Would love to see Hanna’s dresses glimmering on the big screen, what an atmospheric movie this would make.

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff Book Reviews

Girls are being murdered, left in the park, heads bashed in, surrounded by the trappings of childhood, toys and candy. Buddyread with Melissa Same ol story we’ve heard before not that way: While I can appreciate that to some degree, I’d still would like to be able to make some guesses. brenma

Or, she sort of did, but then was just like “meh”. Well rounded and added diversity to the story. While I wasn’t too happy about the amount supplied, Paper Valentine does justice with a bad boy.