READ MANUAL FRST |. REAR DIFFERENTIAL & TRANSMISSION. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL. FRONT SUSPENSION. REAR SUSPENSION. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for Schumacher RC Schumacher Bosscat Manual Schumacher Citroen ZX Rally Raid Manual. TEAM SCHUWAGNER RACING. PE Schumacher. INSTRUCTION. MANUAL The BOSSCAT is a true competition bred off road racer designed so that.

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Schumacher Bosscat Manual

The shocks are “pro shocks” made of aluminum alloy, and oil-filled. The TA05 chassis is like that mid-mounted motor, 2 belt system.

Find More Posts by Mqnual I serviced the diffs, put some new belts on the tranny, got new rubber shielded bearings all around, got new belt covers, and put bosscta screws in almost everywhere.

So, a few observations from someone who truly loves both Tamiya and Schumacher products as a basher: Interestingly, the tolerances on the Cat are pretty tight.

But alas, that is another tale I sent some springs remember all the extras I had? Any way it goes, schumacher from all my experiences with them were fantastic. Here are some pics of it, as given to me. I ran with the MM for a while, and just a bit of wear and tear began to show. Did boxscat sell the elite batteries to it yet? You see Cats now and again in the US, but they’re pretty rare since they were stopped being made.


The result was that the tranny plates weren’t a good fit, and the rear upper arm mount would not fit over nosscat. Find More Posts by Takedown. I then pretty much free-hand traced out tiger stripes all over the inside of the body, then cut it out with an exacto knife.

The belt drive makes it a smooth accelerator, and pretty quiet too. I know it’s plastic vs. Ode to the Schumacher Bosscat.

I went and bought a set of Schumacher onroad tires, and had myself a street machine. Their first venture that I’m aware of was the Schmacher C. Durga doesn’t use the nice bling parts to do it plastic washers, spacers, etcbut it beats the crap out of e-clips. The buggy held up fine, and was stoopid fast. Because they dont make the packs anymore, so I’ll be upgrading to a new charger in the next year or so.

I finally got moving on assembling the Tamiya DB01 Durga recently.

I don’t have good pics of this, but here are some from the manual. See the inside of the hub in one of the pics here. boswcat


Anyway, schumacher is based in the UK, but also seems to have a strong presence in Australia. So I bought some liquid mask, and painted the whole inside with it.


Thus, I ended up with a few black overspray areas near the bottom I ordered myself a Mamba Max system. I remember building them when I was very young 3rd grade? Here are a few more pics of the bosscat, as it arrived to me.

U Schumacher Bosscat Instruction Manual | eBay

But I wasn’t shooting for “uncontrollable”, and I heard that the is a good fit for a obsscat buggy. But as any self-respecting RCer knows, you just can’t let it be like that. Don’t ask me why the 98 came after the I ran it like this for a pretty good amount of time.

I try to clean my cars when I’m finished with them also. I took my 3 and 5-spoke rims and dyed them black. MOre pics too, of course. This being my first brushless experience, I was blown away. I was just getting into the RC hobby back then, but this thing was the holy grail of RC to me.