Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania: : Blendi Fevziu, Robert Elsie: Libri in altre lingue. I’m trying to learn more about Enver Hoxha and other. Despite the severity of Enver Hoxha’s regime as Albanian leader between 85, In Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania, Blendi Fevziu provides the first. In his book Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania, Albanian journalist Blendi Fevziu presents English-language readers with the first comprehensive account of.

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The author summarises his goal as painting the portrait of a real person, of what Hoxha was really like 3without exaggeration, unjustified denigration or bias 9.

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The regime that the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha led from until his death in Using unseen documents and first-hand interviews, journalist Blendi Fevziu. This consisted of a long line of women, queuing to be greeted by Hoxha. Ads help cover our server costs. Fevziu is a brief history of horrifying history of Albania and Albanians under one of the most ruthless communist rules in Europe, that of Enver Hoxha.

His eighty publications included thirteen volumes of memoirs. Click here to sign up. I found Fevziu’s biography absolutely fascinating both as a overview history of post-war Albania and as a portrait of Hoxha himself.

Although I think that Blendi should have touched on some other topics as well, specially as it relates between Enver Hoxha, his wife and the aftermath that he left behind. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Showing of 1 reviews. Peter rated it it was amazing Jun 04, He has refused to fly out of the Soviet Union and took a train to Austria before flying into Albania.


Enver Hoxha by Blendi Fevziu

During this period, Albania became the last bastion of Stalinism in Europe. The book covers his early life and evolution into the all powerful leader of Albania. But it also raised a number of questions.

It is interesting to see how Hoxha was a beneficiary enved the support of fdvziu Albanian nationalists in his early years who helped him through an education he seemed to have no interest in then in finding employment he had little more time for. Not Europe, but the world. Well written with a fluent and easy style. Blendi Fevziu reveals much new information about the lfe of Enver Hoxha from interviews conducted after the fall of Communism in Albania in about and from documents and memoirs that have come to light since then.

Enver Hoxha Research Papers –

In this part of the study, the differences and similarities between He lived in an area fevvziu the block, heavily guarded area of the city with limited access. A really special story and a must read if you want to know or understand more about Albania, the balkan region and communism.

This is very welcome because you come across a lot of names. The Iron Fist of Albania is a detailed look at the man who ruled Albania for over forty years.

Little serious scholarly study exists in English either of post-war Albania or its leadership.

He has written several books in Albanian. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

He shared many traits with the Soviet dictator. In fact, he dropped out of a few schools.

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Following official elections inhe began the systematic elimination of all rivals llbri torture, internment and execution became his trade-marks. In December and February he was an active participant in the students’ movement that brought the change of regime in Albania.


Such was the reign of terror that no audible voice of opposition or dissent ever arose in the Balkan state and Albania became isolated from the rest of the world and utterly inward-looking.

Only once the regime collapsed in could his real story be told without fear. Paranoia about enemies real and imagined seems to have dogged Envers rule with loyal friends and enemies dispatched in much the same way for deviations suspected or real, the trail of corpses is impressive as is their occasional rehabilitation, falling out of favour and rehabilitation along with exhumations and reburials according to their current status. Another weakness is letting the facts speak for themselves, a risky ffvziu that may mislead readers.

Monuments of Communist Albania. One of the major inconsistencies of Enver’s reign seems to have been his tolerance of traitors and spies in his midst, as political tides changed so loyal comrades who had followed Hoxhas Party line found themselves sacrificed as spies and agents of imperialism, the British, the USA, Tito, the Soviet Union and eventually China too, while somehow Enver remained pure despite apparently by his own admission often being aware of traitors in his midst for many years.

Despite being a ‘nonentity’ Hoxha seems to have been recognised as a charismatic public speaker and as possessing good looks making him photogenic and attractive to the people. Gabime ortografike pa fund! Written by Albanian journalist Blendi Fevziu it blenndi very reliable and authoritative — and certainly makes for some horrific reading.