A few points to note, assuming Alexander won. 1. Alexander, after defeating Porus, impressed by him makes him the governor of all his territories in India. Hydaspes (Old Indian Vitaçtā, modern Jhelum): river in Pakistan, famous for a battle of Alexander the Great. Hydaspes, possible location of the. After destroying the last remnants of the Persian army at Gaugamela, Alexander spent the next two years occupying the heartlands of central Asia. Continuing.

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But with his elephants and slow-moving…. He must have been stunned when this last resort also failed.

At dawn, Alexander crossed the Jhelum, a considerable distance upstream from his initial camp. Porus, eschewing the usual tradition of Indian kings fighting from a chariot, were mounted atop his tallest war elephant. The war elephants now advanced against the Macedonian cavalry, only to be confronted by the Macedonian phalanx. He founded two cities there, Alexandria Hdaspes to celebrate his victory and Bucephala named after hydapses horse Bucephalus, which died there ; and….

U of Nebraska Press — via Google Books.

Other elephants brushed aside the sharp points and waded into the Macedonian ranks, trampling men or flinging them across the field with their trunks. After being refreshed, he allowed himself to be taken to Alexander.

On hearing that the Indian King was approaching, Alexander himself rode out to meet him and the famous surrender meeting took place. The gate was still wedged half shut, letting only one man inside at time.

Hydaspes ( BCE) – Livius

At first the hemorrhage could not be stopped, and the onlookers began to wail as if for the dead. Hydaspes Rivermodern-day Punjab ProvincePakistan. Alexander commenced the battle by sending his Dahae horse archers to harass the Indian right wing cavalry. What he needed was a surprise crossing, and the rain offered sufficient opportunity. But there was a hudaspes.


While the main army marched toward Jalapur, Alexander ordered his rear guard to light fires and make the camp still appear to be occupied. Wikipedia semi-protected pages Articles with short description Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Hyaspes using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from April Coordinates on Wikidata.

Please try again later. From now on, the Indians were on all sides surrounded, and the battlefield changed into a killing ground.

Which state is the largest producer of uranium in India? After eight years of fighting, their numbers were dwindling and they hydasppes exhausted, yet on they marched behind the Invincible One. Emerging from the desert, Alexander rode ahead of the infantry with his cavalry and came upon hydaseps Mallian forces scattered on the outskirts of Agalassa.

Name of the Battle: During the yearMadhya Pradesh has produced 28, carats of diamonds up to December… Read More Without the support of his men Alexander was forced to concede the issue. The production of power from wind energy has considerably increased in the recent years.

Even in this Alexander led. The next day, Alexander angrily told them that he would force nobody to go on with him, but added: The Pauravan infantry and cavalry were poorly armoured, lacking in metal armour, and their short swords were no match against the long spears of the Macedonians. When Pours arrived at Alexander’s camp he was extremely surprised in that he was treated not as a defeated or, but with the respect and honor given to royalty. Abreas fell with an arrow in bbattle face.


Macedonia, region in the south-central Balkans that comprises north-central Greece, southwestern Bulgaria, and the independent Republic of Macedonia. With the battle seemingly going against him, Porus could have easily ordered a general withdrawal saving his army to fight another day. In a similar manner, many other messengers, dispatched by the battld Alexander were spurned until at last Meroes, battel personal friend of Porus, convinced him to listen to Alexander’s message.

Rumors put the strength of the Mallians alone at 90, infantry, 10, horse and chariots. The fight on the banks of the Hydaspes River in India was the closest Alexander the Great came to defeat.

Hydaspes (326 BCE)

When he saw that Alexander was winning a brilliant victory he pressed on and, as his men were fresh, took over the pursuit. Which Indian state is the largest producer of diamonds?

More Mallians only added their bodies batttle the growing heap in front of the raging commander. Alexander ordered Perdiccas to take the cavalry and the Agrianians to cross the Hydraotes and encircle but not assault a city Harappa until he could bring up the infantry.

Without the aid of the left flank which was still to shaken and disorganized, Parmenio ordered what was left of the Macedonian infantry phalanxes forward in a general advance.