It’s the “no probes” part that’s the killer here. The probes are what gives the meter its bandwidth. Probes are usually bad because users like to measure the signal. Schematic of Boonton Model 92 A RF Millivoltmeter; Boonton Electronics Corp. . In the Ballantine Model A RF millivoltmeter, which is. The old Boonton RF Millivoltmeter or Boonton RF Microwattmeter or . Ballantine Labs A Standard RF Probe – 10KHz to GHz with pf.

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RVT type AC millivoltmeter have two channel input terminals,the available channels range from 10Hz to 1MHz,the measuring voltage from V millifoltmeter V,the two channel input signal can be measured simultaneously or separately by switch different setting of button,the meter input the signal through the BNC terminal,which can eliminate the influence of the external sensor signal in the condition of low electrical level measurement,it can be easily connected with the oscilloscope for the waveform inspection,or make the meter as a preamplifier.


High rms accuracy, traceable to NIST, is assured regardless of waveshape. Common calibration errors are eliminated through temperature compensation of the probe detector diodes; double shielding protects the interchangeable probes from rough handling and pickup.

3440A RF Millivoltmeter | Ballantine

Relative gain or loss measurements are simplified by a 0 dB reference adjustment. DC output proportional to the ac input is provided for analog recorders and ballanhine allow operation as an ac-dc converter.

This instrument has a 4 digit display with high precision, small frequency effected errors and high input impedance. There are three display ways including voltage, dB and dBm, supplying a clear and intuitive display. Auto measuring range switching makes your usage more convenient. All switches are touch switches with high quality, providing good hand feeling and high reliability.

Millivoltmeters – All Manufacturers –

And its detachable design reduces your work in servicing. Large scale LCD display offers an easy observation. Tact-switches are used for longer duration. The machine has a good frequency response, small standing wave co-efficient, high sensitivity, low power consumption, small size and is light weight.


Calibrator for calibration and testing of A.

Milliammeters, Ammeters, Voltmeters, and D. Microammeters, Milliammeters, Ammeters, Millivoltmeters and Voltmeters having following technical specification.

Housed in superior grade of ABS body, unique design, very strong in construction, unbreakable and very high insulation. I forgot my password.

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