I have a very large number of old Apple Works files. I need to Can I use Automator to open and translate a large number of files? (And then. Alternatively, you could do GUI scripting upon AppleWorks as you attempted, but it has the disadvantage that you cannot programmatically specify where to save. Probably more work, unless you can Automator or Applescript it, but a better chance of retaining more content and especially more formatting.

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Tue Nov 20, 3: The Applescript I’m using looks like: Email Required, but never shown.

Hopefully this can be helpful to other people who would like to get song data out of iTunes and into a different database or spreadsheet. Also, I should noteā€”not appledorks file has a file extension, many of these files are from like, OS 7; the way I actually found them was through my very limited shell scripting experiencing using and mdfind for kMDItemKind, ie. The GUI scripting solution, however, is working well.

Copy it into new window of Script Editor and run it. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Applewrks. I googled and I found various forums entries, most dating back a few years; but I have this problem now Mar 24, Posts: I seem to remember that old versions of iWork were capable of opening AppleWorks files. Post as a guest Name. That means Pages cannot open them. What did I do wrong? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Jul 14, Posts: I used it a lot in the Would you be able to post a few example files?

batch converting AppleWorks / ClarisWorks files to RTF or similar

Conversion of AppleWorks documents e. Post as a guest Name.

My only concern with a mass-Appleworks script is you losing the file name for each individual file. Automatpr a different approach entirely.

Ask a question Reset. When the script does it’s duty, it stores the exported documents in this folder. Sun Mar 27, 3: First, make sure that all of the fields you are interested in exporting from iTunes are displayed in its list mode choose Songs from the popup menu in the upper right corner.

Try running the following script. Maclink Plus was a pretty great piece of software for batch conversions.

I will manually convert as there must be a problem on my end – thank you for your effort. I realize this script also doesn’t deal with putting the document back in its original folder, but in Applescript I could easily enough do this if I could get past the actual printing-to-PDF bit. I already thought about converting appleworke older version documents using MacLink to AW 6 or something else, appleqorks apparently, MacLink is no longer available, too.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Thanks automatod and iljitsch. Tue Nov 20, 1: You can see the common ancestry Filemaker and Appleworks have shared.

So I came across this thread. I cannot convert to PDF directly.

Can Automator translate multiple files? – Mac Software Discussions on AppleInsider Forums

Now I have PDF versions of all of those files, which presumably will still be readable in the coming decades. Could you give an indication of how I could make the script?

T3db0t 1, 4 17 Email Required, but never shown. The step that is needed here it to get just the plain text version of the clipboard data.

Conversion of AppleWorks documents (e.g. to PDF)?

It opens the files, but for every file, one have to confirm with Enter, that you want to appleeworks it. H Message was edited by: I can get half way with either solution, but don’t know how to make them work together. It appears to go through the process, sets up the new folder on desktop but does not save any files.

I confess AppleScript was something that I just never grokked. Future proof for readability. I have about a ClarisWorks and AppleWorks documents, mostly word processing, some spreadsheets.