One exception is the Gelastocoridae, which are riparian and possess short antennae. The truly Most aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera are predatory. Hemiptera, Gelastocoridae, Nerthra, China. Introduction. Toad bugs ( Gelastocoridae) are a remarkable group of aquatic bugs (Nepomorpha). which are derived. Key to California semiaquatic and aquatic Hemiptera based on habitats and habits of the Nepomor- pha. suggested that the Ochteridae and Gelastocoridae.

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Family Gelastocoridae – Toad Bugs –

Systematics Nerthra asiatica Keywords: Abdominal V-IV sternites of male mostly asymmetrical, ninth sternite rather oval, wider than long, not as long as eighth sternite; seventh sternite sternite about half as long as eighth sternite; fifth sternite very short medially Fig. Aradoidea Aradidae flat bugs Termitaphididae termite bugs.

Mononyx hemitpera Atkinson, Anthocoridae minute pirate bugs or flower bugs Cimicidae bed bugs, bat bugs Curaliidae Curalium cronini Joppeicidae Lasiochilidae Lyctocoridae Medocostidae Microphysidae Miridae plant bugs, leaf bugs, grass aqkatic Nabidae damsel bugs Pachynomidae Plokiophilidae Polyctenidae old world bat bugs Reduviidae assassin bugs, wheel bugs, thread-legged bugs Thaumastocoridae royal palm bugs Tingidae lace bugs Velocipedidae.

Mononyx grossus Montandon, Enicocephaloidea Aenictopecheidae Enicocephalidae unique-headed bugs, gnat bugs. Science paper online 1— Biodiversity of the Heteroptera Henry T. Fauna of Sikkim Part 2.


Family Gelastocoridae – Toad Bugs

Measurements of Nerthra species. Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content.

It is divided into two subfamilies, Gelastocorinae and Nerthrinae. Figs 1A, B ; 2A—G. Ceratocombidae Dipsocoridae Hypsipterygidae Schizopteridae Stemmocryptidae.

Gelastocoridae – Wikipedia

Some Northern Hemisphere species deposit eggs in small holes in gelastocoidae under stones near the water. Schuh; James Alexander Slater This page was last ggelastocoridae on 6 Aprilat Heteroptera from China I. Berliner Entomologische Zeitschrift 7: Retrieved from ” https: Gelastocorid bugs manage a staggered run to seize prey, killing it with their needle-like mouthparts.

Eds Insects of Samoa and other Samoan terrestrial Arthropoda. Aetalionidae Cicadellidae leafhoppers Melizoderidae Membracidae typical treehoppers, thorn bugs Myerslopiidae. Gelastocoridae occurring in China are reviewed. Kment and Jindra The outline of the ovipositor was the same and the ventral submarginal tumescences on the last visible abdominal sternite absent.

Transactions of the Natural History Society of Formosa AnimaliaHemipteraGelastocoridae. Gelastocoridae in Myanmar amber. Contributed by Troy Bartlett on 16 February, – The digital photographs of specimens Fig.

Aukema B, Rieger Ch. Leptopodomorpha Saldidae shore bugs Leptopodidae spiny shore bugs Omaniidae Aepophilidae. The three species of Nerthra Say, Hemiptera: Body sculpture, outlines gelastocpridae the pronotum, hemelytra and abdomen very variable. Gerroidea Gerridae water striders Hermatobatidae Veliidae riffle bugs. Nerthra This family is represented in Australia by a single genus, Nerthra Say.

New Holland Publishers, Ltd.

Anales Instituto Patagonia The male of Nerthra asiatica is recorded and reviewed for the first time. Bugguide is hosted by: Entire body covered with short, broadly clavate bristles, bristles pale and especially dense on pronotum and on the elevations of the head. Scutellum slightly darker than rest of dorsal surface Fig. Transactions of the American Entomological Society Infraorder Nepomorpha, families Ochteridae and Gelastocoridae. XML Treatment for Nerthra indica: They are found under stones and plant debris or burrowing into wet sand or mud.


In the gelastocoridxe of the pronotum it would seem to be closely related to N. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Body middle sized for the genus.

The male genitalia were examined in glycerol and illustrated using a Zeiss Discovery V8 microscope. Eggs are broadly oval, flattened on telastocoridae side and the shell has a rough hexagonal sculpture.

Pronotum widest at transverse furrow, a little narrower than abdomen; lateral margins he,iptera pronotum parallel or nearly so, anterior and posterior margin weakly sinuate; surface coarsely granulate. The lateral margins of the pronotum markedly asymmetrical, pronotum about as wide hekiptera anterior third as at the level of the transverse furrow.