Amongst Women has ratings and reviews. Paul said: Did you read any great novels recently about a thoroughly decent man? A guy who wasn’t violen. John McGahern was born in Dublin and brought up in the west of Ireland. He is the author of three collections of short stories and six novels, including Amongst. John McGahern, who died on March 30th, , set the bar for the rest of us.

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Amongst Women by John McGahern

His next novel, The Darkwas widely praised and drew comparisons to James Joyce, but it also offended the Archbishop of Dublin and the state censor, who banned the book and he was also sacked from his teaching position. And what of Moran’s misery? They both hone in jihn complex and disturbing family dynamics and intertwine them with the larger political landscape in small but poignant ways. It is much like one would look back on their own life and just see events for what they were: His adjustment from mcgahegn fighter to father is never complete, and the question of how to maintain authority over children while allowing them room to grow is central to the novel.

Takes One To Know One: A Masterful Irish Novelist

Boy do these daughters ever love and fear their dear deadly Daddy. This is more of a characte Difficult book in some ways to rate.

Although he is mostly calm with his daughters, he is threatened by his sons as they grow up. Her previous profession has been that of valued servant: What with Hamlet and his usurped ghost, and King Lear all done amlngst like a kipper, and Mr Dombey wanting the daughter to be a boy, and Patrick Melrose absolutely hating on his father his whole life, and the ridiculous Anse Bundren hauling his dead wife around, and Mr Biswas boring everyone to death, and Edward Spencer in his crumbling hotel, and Lord Groan in his joh Gormenghast.


Moran’s re-marriage to Rose, jlhn only happens through her careful planning. The story opens with his imminent demise. Patriarchy in Amongst Women can be seen to derive to a great extent from patriotism. McGahern focuses on one family and one house and we follow the subtle changes that take place in the comings and goings of various members of the family.

It is interesting to me that I learned about the author because he wrote the introduction to “Stoner” which I read recently. It begins with one of the great opening sentences: Their identification with and loyalty to Moran threatens to subsume them, but it also gives them a amonhst of strength, as Michael seems to understand: Moran can never forget the authority he wielded during the war and tries to behave in the same way womne his household.

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This is an eloquent and ultimately rather beautiful book. Moran’s personality becomes apparent in his dealings with his family, who all love and respect him despite his violent outbursts and his lack of apologies. This power struggle between the two is several times alluded to in military terms.

Amongst Women (John McGahern) – book review

Amongst Women can be seen as a critique of patriarchy. Check the front cover of the novel!

Whenever he earned money from his books, he would mcgzhern another field for his cows, whom he loved. Didn’t appreciate the pivotal character of Michael Moran, he was too damaged to be able to meet any needs but his own.


Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. In Amongst Womenthe family is a kind of half-way house between the individual and society. As such, he can control them, as when he discourages one from accepting a university scholarship. I hadn’t come across this book until I received it as a gift from a Goodreads friend, but I found it both a poignant and powerful read.

Lists with This Book. A simply wtitten simply beatutiful book about an Irish family complete with the testy, unpredictable and pride-driven moods of the in my opinion typical irish father. Moran can be both verbally and physically abusive.

The blurb on the back of the book about being a guerrilla leader and coming to terms with the past is a bit of a red herring. I hate it when the synopsis on the The book is well written but a little boring. Books by John McGahern.

Amongst Women by John McGahern – Reviews Rants and Rambles

Aug 11, Kathryn Watt rated it did not like it. From the earliest point mcfahern the narrative, we see that Moran’s relationship with his family is a complex one. William Trevor, After Rain These twelve short stories by a master of contemporary Irish fiction depict love, betrayal, and forgiveness among families and lovers coping with hidden emotions.

Much of his power is achieved through violence and physical abuse. Published May 18th by Faber first published His violent nature stems from traumas he received as a guerrilla fighter in his youth. In the claustrophobic world McGahern portrays, escape proves sustaining for a character like Luke, but it is not an unequivocal good.