: 20 BLACK CARDAMON Plant Seeds (AMOMUM subulatum) Grow Indoors or Outdoors!: Garden & Outdoor. Common Name: Greater Cardamom. Amomum subulatum. Drawing of the flowering plant. Photograph by: Roxburgh, W., Plants of the coast of Coromandel, vol. Larger or Greater Cardamom, Nepal Cardamom. Latin Name: Amomum subulatum Zingiberaceae. Sanskrit/Indian name: Aindri, Sthula ela, Brihatupakunchika.

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Description Details Amomum subulatum, the Cardamon or Cardamom plant is an interesting herbaceous perennial plant, native to damp, forested valleys from the eastern Himalayas to central China. The largest producer of the black cardamom is Nepalfollowed by India and Bhutan. Wubulatum subulatum also known as Nepal cardamom and Amomum tsao-ko.

The species name subulatum is based on the Latin subula meaning ‘awl-shaped’ or ‘tapering to a point’, in reference to the shape of the leaves. Pretty, ivory flowers appear in compact inflorescences at ground level and are followed by seed pods. The pods can be left on the subulaatum to dry or removed and placed on paper towels to dry more quickly.

By virtue of the traditional drying procedure over open flames, the spice also acquires a strong smoky flavour.

It includes several species of cardamom, especially black cardamom Amomum subulatum wmomum also the green cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum. Amomum subulatum is also a great ornamental, the plants are suitable to be grown outdoors in all mild and warm temperate climates that do not experience excessive freezes.


Amomum subulatum – Black Cardamom – Seeds

Apart from usage in Indian and Nepali cuisine, they are not much known, but have some regional importance in Central and Southern China. Transplant seedlings when they reach about 5cm 2in in height to containers and continue to transplant wmomum successively larger containers as necessary.

Its suvulatum pods have a strong, camphor -like flavor, with a smoky character derived from the method of drying. The pods are used as a spicein a similar manner to the green Indian cardamom pods, but with a different flavor.

Black cardamom – Wikipedia

In the East, the plant is used medicinally, for digestive ailments. Herbs and spices portal.

Typical components of xiang liao are cassiaSichuan pepperblack cardamom, star anise and lesser galangale ; less commonly, Sichuan cooks employ greater galangaleclovesnutmeg and licorice. Initial germination lasts for about 80 days under these conditions.

Black cardamom, as other spices used in Northern India, needs some time to develop its aroma best. Sow indoors at any time. Black cardamom can be used in rather liberal amounts, up to a few sunulatum per person. In traditional Chinese medicineblack cardamom is used for stomach disorders and malaria. In France and America the oil is also used in perfumery. The pods of A. Biological activity is found to be stomachic, astringent, antibilious, and antiemetic.


Foliage growth can be encouraged by fertilising the plant with a high-nitrogen, low-potassium fertiliser. Chinese herbology Herbal tea Marination Spice rub.

Black cardamom

They can survive in slightly warmer temperatures, but they do not tolerate cooler environments. The leaves, sometimes used for wrapping foods, can be harvested at any time.

The Arabs attributed aphrodisiac qualities to it it features regularly in the Arabian Nightsand the ancient Indians regarded it as a cure for obesity. Although the flavor differs from the smaller green cardamom, black cardamom is sometimes used by large-scale commercial bakers because of its low cost. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles containing Hindi-language text Articles subulayum unsourced statements from December All accuracy disputes Articles sbuulatum disputed statements from November Etymology For the botanical genus name Amomum and for cardamomsee cardamom.

Sensory quality Black cardamom has a fresh and aromatic aroma. Views Read Edit View history. The botanical species name subulatum derives from Latin subula awlreferring probably to the awl-shaped and pointed leaves.