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Aldelo EDC is designed to function either stand alone or integrated with external business software such as a point of sale solution. Under this scenario, even if you have closed the shift for a cashier or server having credit cards, you still have the ability to adjust gratuity manually from Aldelo EDC.

This will save the settings so you can move onto other first time setup tasks. NET Framework is installed in the supported Windows operating system.

Installation Setup

There is even auto healing capability for critical transactional data in case of system corruptions. When cardholder information is stored temporarily, such information are stored in AES encrypted state for maximum security.

Although the Aldelo EDC Client application will show warning message box when user login expiration is 14 days or closer, we still recommend administrators to mark their calendar to change passwords more frequently.

The use of this tool is limited to Aldelo Technical Staff and is password protected.

WavePOS for Aldelo Installation and Setup Guide

As a Key Custodian, it is recommended that the administrator sign an acknowledgement of responsibilities form issued by the merchant.


Applies to receipts printed from Aldelo EDC client application only This is the core of the software and you will need a merchant account to complete this section.

You will configure these settings first before proceeding further. The Server deployment is always the same as Single System Deployment described above. The default settings of IIS during installation will be acceptable janual most customers. Under the integrated environments, all primary payment mxnual are originated from the integrated POS solution. The Merchant Setup screen will appear after login.

NET Framework service updates from time to time. This test ensures that Aldelo EDC is properly communicating with the selected merchant service provider. The security and encryption features built into Aldelo EDC are second to none. If the target system needs. There are currently five.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

This gives you the ability to catch possible problems before it is too late. Aldelo For Restaurants will have certain payment processing features enabled only when integrated with Aldelo EDC, and Aldelo Technical Staff are trained to provide assistance on both solutions within the same call. However, in order to perform administrative duties, you might wish to access the Aldelo EDC client application from a system located in an office. Click on Store Settings in the Back Office.

Be sure to close current mankal of the merchant account if you are attempting to switch merchant accounts. Each computer running Aldelo EDC must be activated before going live. All of the payment processing and utility methods are encapsulated into a web service called EDC.


In essence, the POS for.

This is a set of ASP. To setup a new merchant account, follow the steps below. Do not perform this function unless you understand its necessity. The only subject of interest is to ensure aldflo.

Auto, Windows some times hides the manuap extensions. NET web service methods that handle payment processing and utility functions. If a merchant already has SQL Serverand wish to use the existing instance, then merchant may use the existing instance. This is the actual company you have your merchant account with. NET web service; it gives me indication that Web Service is not working or page was not found?

It is also important to keep up with latest.

These are software based credit card processing solutions designed to save merchants aldeoo cost, and offer much more flexibility and functionality. Additionally, we do not recommend using Modem Dialup Internet as primary unless your ISP can guarantee that your connection will not be dropped and that the dialup will auto reconnect in the event of call drop.

NET Framework for both the server and client components. Whether the process succeeds or not, Aldelo EDC then performs a local synch function to clear the pending transaction statuses.

Under the integrated environment of Aldelo For Restaurants POS solution, normally all pre-auth transactions will be marked as Post-Authorized when a server or cashier ends their bank.

The Merchant Setup will block out certain fields if batch is open or pending transactions exist.