From the bestselling author of Kari comes a brilliant new interpretation of mythology. Combining stories from the Adi Parva which precede the main narrative. Amruta Patil’s Adi Parva is a feminist retelling of the Mahabharat, with an interesting focus on its women characters. Review by Sandhya. Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean | Amruta Patil. Worth its weight in gold. To know if a tale is worth its weight in gold, check if it reveals itself.

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The book assuming it is part of a series provides an introduction to the Mahabharata by describing some of the stories that preceded the main sequence of events, including a creation myth and the avi of Karna.

Worth its weight in gold.

If something was awful, I painted over as much as I could and then stopped. Copyright Fantasy Book Critic. A Paean Patiil Myrillia: We see the Kauravs as the evil and Pandavs as ethical. Words and images come together majestically in this visual retelling of the epic.

Churning of the Ocean. Gandhari and Kunti’s depiction in particular is spectacular. I adore the story-within-a-story narrative, and the paintings are gorgeous. Trivia About Adi Parva – Churn In the drawings you must avoid the temptation to introduce faux novelty for the sake of breaking the tedium and boredom that could arise from more of the same. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Tuesday, Parvva 27, There are other great works on mythology and the Mahabharata which go deep in interpretation. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The first volume starts with how the Mahabharata came to be and ends amruya the birth of the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

HarperCollins, pages, Rs Jul 30, Nanta rated it really liked it. If it makes you larva just to think of the scope of the tale: Let me put it this way – if no more than five or patl pages were to be edited or reworded and redrawn, the answer to all three questions would become an unqualified “yes”. A must read for any ardent reader of Indian Mythlogy. The story does not addi of Ugrasrava Sauti narrating the tale to the assembled rishis at the Naimisha Forest and is replaced by Ganga and later Ashwathama in the 2nd book as the storyteller.


If it touches you threefold, she says then there is a story Nor am I some top-grade genius mind.

Adi Parva – Churning of the Ocean

The Mahabharata as a tale is known to all. She breathes life into the story with her graphics, her imagery and her perspective.

;atil tales risk datedness and partisan reportage. The storytelling using Ganga as a sutradhar brings up a connection to the modern world. Max latil from Yale University, where he studied Chinese. It is how the epic came to be, which is narrated by Sauti traditionally to the rishis after the Sarpasatra killing of the snakes of Janamejaya a direct descendant of the Pandavs.

Jan 12, Rijula D rated it it was ok. The timeline is circular in Adi Parva.

Pick your favorite fantasy or science fiction novel, go on I’ll wait, and the Mahabharata will match it battle for battle, climax for climax, heartbreak for heartbreak. Can’t wait to read Sauptik.

We feel the pain of lost dreams with the beauteous Gandhari when she is tricked into marrying a blind king. Many forms have been given to it in stories and different perspectives as well. Patil uses the age old Indian tradition of a “sutradhar” to weave her web of stories and So a Mahabharata fixation made me pick Adi Parva – Churning of the Ocean by Amruta Patil. How were the threads chosen?


Book Review | Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean – Livemint

This reads like a collection of very condensed nuggets from the Mahabharata rather than an in-depth look at any particular narrative thread: Finally, my 5 star rating shows my appreciation. Each page has at most a two-three lines of text, which leaves you with a full page of charcoal or color illustration A spectacular graphic retelling of the Mahabharata. The stories are mostly before that. The modern framing narrative is the only part amrufa out in charcoal- an account that is waiting to be narrated and filled with colour.

The epic itself, of course, has proven carat true over its centuries of re-forging and burnishing, but a reteller retains enough power to warp the wondrous into the banal. The steadfastness of Kunti in her support of her husband, despite the rejection she suffers. Overall the book was really enjoyable.

Amruta Patil | PAUL GRAVETT

Posted by amruta patil at 4: Thirty pages out of the story’s pages. Jul 28, Vishesh rated it really liked it. He’s summoned rishis and magicians to call the serpents into his fire, so to be sure he doesn’t miss a single one. Sep 28, Aseem Kaul rated it really liked it Shelves: But as Amruta herself puts it so eloquently – tales must be tilled like the land so they can breathe, the only thing you owe allegiance to is the essence.

The medium is too dense now, riddled with toxins and starved of paitl. That is a delightful way to describe it.

Churning of the Ocean’ by Amruta Patil. Patil ‘s Adi Parva opens under a tree beside a river.