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Please use the Hazardous Materials Table published in the E-CFR (http://www. , 49 CFR Section ) for the currently updated. Symbols in the Hazardous Materials Table. .. Packing groups are designated in Column 5 of the section Table and indicate the degree of. 1, 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Table. 2, Symbols, Hazardous materials description and proper shipping names, Hazard class or Division, ID Numbers.

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Bipyridilium pesticides, solid, toxic. Barium selenate, see Selenates or Selenites. However, the entry in the Table reflects the preferred sequence.

The referenced exceptions are in addition to those tsble in subpart A of part and elsewhere in this subchapter. Ammonia solution, relative density less than 0.

Ammonium bifluoride solution, see Ammonium hydrogen difluoride, solution. Ammunition, incendiary water-activated contrivances with burster, expelling charge or propelling charge, see Contrivances, water-activated, etc. Castor beans or Castor meal or Castor pomace or Castor flake. Inhalation hazard zone A.

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Amine, flammable, corrosive, n. Ammonia solution, relative density between 0. The first code is indicative of the primary hazard of the material. Butyl vinyl ether, stabilized. Talbe, SA small armssee Cartridges for weapons, etc. Calcium hypochlorite, hydrated or Calcium hypochlorite, hydrated mixture, with not less than 5. Carbon monoxide, refrigerated liquid cryogenic liquid.


Rable, smoke water-activated contrivanceswithout white phosphorus or phosphides, with burster, expelling charge or propelling charge, see Contrivances, water-activated, etc.

The codes contained in Column 6 are defined according to the following table:. Bombs, with bursting charge. Arsenical pesticides, liquid, flammable, toxic, flash point less than 23 degrees C. Aerosols, non-flammable, each not exceeding 1 L capacity. Amine, liquid, corrosive, flammable, n. An appropriate alternate proper shipping name and hazard class may be authorized by the Associate Administrator. Cartridges for weapons, blank or Cartridges, small arms, blank or Cartridges for tools, blank.

Benzene phosphorus dichloride, see Phenyl phosphorus dichloride. Aircraft engines including turbinessee Engines, internal combustion. For bulk transportation tbale vesselsee 46 CFR parts 30 to 407098,and Carbamate pesticides, liquid, flammable, toxic, flash point less than 23 degrees C.

Butylene see also Petroleum gases, liquefied. Ammunition, smoke, white phosphorus with burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge. For cylinders, tabble non-bulk and bulk packaging authorizations are set forth in Column 8B. Adsorbed gas, toxic, flammable, corrosive, n. Cartridges, sporting, see Cartridges for yable, inert projectile, or Cartridges, small arms. Column 10B [Other provisions] specifies codes for stowage and handling requirements for specific hazardous materials.


Ammunition, incendiary with or without burster, expelling charge or propelling charge. Ammunition, toxic with burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge. Benzenethiol, see Phenyl mercaptan.

Bombs with flammable liquid, with bursting charge. Arsenical pesticides, solid, toxic. Acid butyl phosphate, see Butyl acid phosphate.

49 CFR 172.101 – Purpose and use of hazardous materials table.

Bombs, smoke, non-explosive, with corrosive liquid, without initiating device. Actuating cartridge, explosive, see Cartridges, power device. The authorized stowage locations specified in Column 10A are defined as follows:. Ammonium nitrate emulsion or Ammonium nitrate suspension or Ammonium nitrate gel, intermediate for blasting explosives. Alkali metal amalgam, liquid. Alkyl sulfonic acids, solid or Aryl sulfonic acids, solid with not more than 5 percent free sulfuric acid.

Alkyl sulfonic acids, liquid or Aryl sulfonic acids, liquid with not more than 5 percent free sulfuric acid.

Arsenic compounds, solid, n. Acetic acid, glacial or Acetic acid solution, with more than 80 percent acid, by mass. Arsenic chloride, see Arsenic trichloride. Class 2, Class 7, Division 6. Aminopyridines o-; m-; p.