I have the same problem! I brought my laptop to get checked out and it did not fall under the recall about the spontaneous shut downs. Thanks, the memory was in wrong. Then, when I switch the laptop on, the battery charge indicator turns off. My question is whether or not it would be possible that the battery is actually charging but my computer cannot or will not recognize that somehow. Even though the DC jack is not connected to the system board directly, it is still a part of the system board.

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The laptop charges now and again but when plugged in to ac adaptor and switch it on the battery light goes off and it toshiba satellite 1905-s301 work from the ac adaptor.

I forgot to mark those screws on the picture in Step2. satllite

I also removed all screws on the bottom of the toshiba satellite 1905-s301, the two P8 screws on the toshiba satellite 1905-s301 near the hinges, the two screws underneath the DVD player, and the two screws underneath the battery. You can also search for this kind of repair service on the Internet. How to troubleshoot and fix laptop video problems Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen. There is a constant whirring and grinding sound when I switch on the PC. CJ, Thanks for all the help.

Thank so much for the site. If that does not work, is there a tutorial on how to apply artic gel, or to remove the fan to celean out more? Can any body tell how to toshiba satellite 1905-s301 the sensitivity of the touchpad as it is moving here and there without any control over it making the work on laptop just impossible.

Hey Whitney, Thank you for your help. Pulled out the power cord, and the tip was scalding hot, and the DC jack is rattling around aimlessly on the inside of my computer.

If I have to replace the main board, how much would that part cost? I have gotten this sent toshiba satellite 1905-s301 by the warranty 3 times. November 15, at 4: Bios seems to work fine. You buy this software, install the CD into the laptop and run the installation process.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

The break point is located close to the power plug. Only the left side of the keyboard is functioning now. Considering the explanations I solved my problem. The battery stopped working toshiba satellite 1905-s301 this completely after a year and my favorite is the AC Jack that you have to place something underneath in order for it to keep power to the cp.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

April 15, at Had the same DC input problem with my Toshiba M January 27, at 3: You have nothing to lose anyway. It would be much cheaper. I toshiba satellite 1905-s301 the computer, and it just shut off with no warning toshiba satellite 1905-s301 all.

Do you know if theres anyway to fix an lcd because of the black spots or dead pixels? Are you using an original Toshiba restore CDs? CJ, You are my hero!

January 3, at 3: Joseph, Yep, this gray stuff on the top of the CPU is thermal grease and before toshiba satellite 1905-s301 assemble the laptop back, you must apply new layer of the grease because toshiba satellite 1905-s301 old satsllite is already removed. Any explanation for these? The LCD screen is one of the most expensive parts in a laptop computer. The problem was that the power socket had been pushed back into the casing.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

Most likely just cleaning the heatsink would be enough to fix overheating. July 20, at 4: I had the intermttent power and battery charging problem. You can do that with an external USB enclosure for laptop toshiba satellite 1905-s301 drives.

Toshiba satellite 1905-s301 a PC card adapter instead. When i went in to plug in the speaker wires a few montes later i buttoned up the machine and when i went to start it up i had vertical lines and toshiha no video just darkness. In not, maybe you have a 195-s301 Toshiba satellite 1905-s301 adapter. Can you please send me a link showing me how to open up the laptop and replace this part. Hopefully this can solve the saellite of the fan and the unexpectedly shutdowns. It has gone out again and I am wondering if there is any way we could just remove the jack and attach the power wires directly to the mb.

You cannot do it at home. My dog snagged the power cable and broke both the jack and the power supply. Nikki, I think there is a way to attach the wires directly to the motherboard, but do you really what to do it?

Toshiba satellite 1905-s301 hooked up to a monitor and again i have vertical lines but constant. And also it power toshiba satellite 1905-s301 but the screen stays black, what can be the problem? I cleaned it all out and I put the machine back together and it worked great with the exception of having no sound, i forgot to plug the sound cables back in.

Would this be a hard drive problem where I can replace the hard drive? If yes, try it. I am puzzled though. Thank you toshiba satellite 1905-s301 much, especially for the instruction for dismantling A Noe, Test the memory module, it could be a bad memory. So hopefully this will be the cure of this terrbile P

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