Or should i buy a new one graphic card? There is no cable between the drive and motherboard. From building had ram and 6 months before I upgrade to 2GB ram and worked perfectly. Also, I see that you just push the drive out. I called Acer to pay for a recovery disk, they sent it and it was loading everything went through like 45 minutes and then said it was writing the files and finishing and then black screen. The laptop will only run with 1 -2 gig chip.

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If not successful, heat to c and try again. When you chose the F12 boot menu the GB seagate drive is not available in the boot menu. Can you acer aspire 9303wsmi it yourself?

Disconnect both antenna cables. Martoni March 8, The temperature of the chip acer aspire 9303wsmi be reduced somewhat.

I think I will try this myself. Hi, I acer aspire 9303wsmi trying to reset the bios, by taking out the cmos battery. My question is, what would be best? Hopefully it 99303wsmi take you to the boot menu. After 2 weeks applying the fix laptop failed again. Is there a separate USB board or module off the motherboard or do I have to replace the entire motherboard?

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

I changed whole display, Just disconnected 2 wireless and mobo connection. IML Afer, Thanks for the suggestion.

I have worked on two of these.

I have the same problem acer aspire 9303wsmi Adrian R. I have an Acer Aspire z laptop, and all of a 9303wsm when trying to power it up, it turns on for about 30 seconds, you can hear the CPU fan turning… then the fan just stops, and nothing boots up, nothing on the screen at all….

Saved me buying a new mother board for my daughters laptop. Replace it with a new one.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

Acer aspire 9303wsmi removing them one by one. Just a blank screen with the hard drive light on. Try reconnecting the hard drive. This will help other readers. Just make sure there are no large chunks of the grease on the chip. You are the man. Here are three general steps: Jumpering those points did not help. I have a problem with the connection of the flat cable acer aspire 9303wsmi a Toshiba L keyboard and plug welded to the motherboard type locking tab. Or… you can use an external USB mouse.

Now plug in the battery and adapter and try again. Also, try reconnecting memory modules. The laptop will only run with 1 -2 gig chip. The only way to circumvent this would be to do a acer aspire 9303wsmi power reset unplugging all sources of electricity, and then it would boot acer aspire 9303wsmi again. Could be just a bad keyboard, or could be bad keyboard controller on the motherboard.

Dash, I doubt that reflowing the chip will work in your case. This is for 65 watt AC adapters. When this problem first came up a few days ago I also had an issue with a few startups that did not proceed all the way to the windows login prompt but started a continuing series of loud beeps.

This time i am trying to use this technique by my self. Just make sure the shim touches nothing on the video chip apart from the upper metal of the chip itself.

Try turning it on. Maybe the fan stopped working and the laptop freezes because of overheating.

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