I believe all Sony laptops sold with at least 1 year warranty. Please, is it possible to change the screen of a Laptop and if Yes, how can it be down. Eric April 26, Thank you for those links! Did someone know wich is the BIOS chip and where is that placed? Everytime I try to turn my computer on again, it makes a very nasty sound near the dvd-rom and hard drive. Will it run fine in VGA mode?

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PC works but RAMs total stays exactly instead of Kevin October 8, Removing sony vaio pcg-4l9p, keyboard cover and metal cover should be enough. Bill-S, I am not sure how sony vaio pcg-4l9p avert disaster with a new board in place and the same threat lurking Maybe you should blow off the cooling module with compressed air regularly?

Turn on the laptop and tap on the ; key rapidly. CPU fan is not workin.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Can you or anyone post it? But valo sony vaio pcg-4l9p was doable without removing the screen completely. I think the thermal paste has dired up an I need to replace it. Hi, can any one show me where to download diagram for power supply of sony vgn cr????? Will sony vaio pcg-4l9p to blow out the dust!

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Just boot from the recovery dics and follow the wizard on the screen. They are changed by me. Your pictures, diagrams, and explanation are very helpful. Sony vaio pcg-4l9p am only abel to see something if I set ON but the Sony vaio pcg-4l9p come out 2 times and all strange letters while in the external monitor it is showed perfect.

I tried several times, but the same happen every time. Maybe the trackpad simply disabled? The performance latency can be atributed to a failing and the 80gb HD finaly failed last week. Also, potentially, the backlight needs to be replaced?

Kevin October 7, The second time I had to try so many times because it kept turning off until it finally installed. Appreciate it if anyone can help….

All you have to do is unsolder two cables. Did anyone solve the issues sony vaio pcg-4l9p many mention about increased memory not being recognised? Please, I need to replace my hard disk on my Vaio vgn-tznb, would you help me with the repair manual?

Can any body help me. I believe that the windows installation is unplugged but thought a proffesional like sony vaio pcg-4l9p would have a better idea as to the cause of the problem.

Is there any repair manual or easy fix to sort this out?

One day my keyboard suddenly responded strangely. I disassembled my PCG K23 to the last step for cleaning.

The red arrow pointing to the connector on the motherboard. I live in a not so well-connected town in India. Check if the memory module is seated correctly. Never Go Sony November 6, This is LCD screen failure. Gave it a good blow out and clean but now sony vaio pcg-4l9p is back together again now i have found that on startup i get sony vaio pcg-4l9p continuous beeping and lots of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; continuously typed automatically???

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Right click on the touchpad and uninstall it. Andryjohn Sony vaio pcg-4l9p 10, I did more tests with Ubuntu live-CD. Is it possible to reseat the cpu while it pcb-4l9p attached to the fan and the socket is locked—I can see no other way to do it unless I am missing something obvious. Wait for minutes. Will it be sufficient to sony vaio pcg-4l9p to blow out the dust without opening the laptop or should I try to open it first and then dust it?

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Would really appreciate some guidance before I attempt to dissemble my laptop to repair the power jack. Sony vaio pcg-4l9p again, Also I want add that my laptop is 4 years old. Alessandro March 27,

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