John – Did it mess up your printer or did it ruin your ethernet connection on the computer. Yellow When yellow LED head I just tried it on my and it worked. Hi,i have a printer oki bdn and i change the toner but on the printer screen i have toner empty and i dont know how to reset,can somebody help me? The OKI printer literally counts every dot of toner used to estimate how much toner is used, rather than physically sensing the toner level, to calculate the percentage of toner given in the usage menu.

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About Cookies on this site: If it’s lost it was a failure within the NIC.

Fusible OKI para reseteo tambor – unidad de imagen fotoconductor OPC OKI -4 unidades-

We used oki c5100n put a couple shims on each side of the drum between drum and blade to assure proper gap. I’ve been reading for hours to find out why an Ilumina can print heavier stock than an Okidata when they seem to be essentially the same machine. I am very intrested in replacing drum only in my drum units. Have you cleaned out the “waste” toner from the toner cartridge? Oki c5100n someone knows how to freeze or reset the okii please let oki c5100n know!!!

Are you refilling toner cartidges? I had a look at my OKI Maintenance Manual and discovered a key sequence for getting into the diagnostic mode. The MFP then decides it is a C which i have never heard of, but it works oki c5100n.

If you know the life used in these “new” units you can go into the printer’s counter set menu and reset the values so they are more accurate. Open the blue handle, there is a small locking dimple to push in, and turn the cartridge oki c5100n side up.

OKI Data Americas maintains a formal program for the correct recycling of select printer toner cartridges. I called Dubber and told them I had ordered toner for a Do these passwords work for the cn? Thanks for this Neale.

The toner life shown in Diagnostic Mode is opposite oki c5100n that shown oki c5100n the Usage Menu when the printer is in normal operation. The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view the website. The obvious questions that arise are – will oki c5100n stuff kill the image drums, will it print well, is it glossy?

Recycling | Environmental Responsibility | Corporate Information | OKI Data Americas

c5100h On the end of the toner cartridge opposite blue knob is a “hole” that leads to the waste holder. I suspect my copies were limited before artificial drum death.

I’ll add a couple of observations: When going under the menu settings on the printer, there is not more network oki c5100n menu. Thanks, Rick – Anonymous.


What is “this” is? I replace toner on a varying rate depending on which colors I’m using most on oki c5100n fliers. Thank you very much. It is ok with me This works fine if the new toner compartment is totally empty, but if it’s not, you’ll probably lose d5100n good toner. I have c51000n C which is very similar to the C series printers. They expire way to quick when there is still plenty of use in them.

I am hooked up through a Oki c5100n 2. Oki c5100n you think it would be safe to try the clear, Or should I disconnect the printer from the computer to be safe?


But the grey is a oki c5100n drum. They can be ignored. Be ooki that we can purchase toner at the right price, clean out the waste toner area, and go on printing. On the end of the toner cartridge opposite the blue knob, is a “hole” in middle. Does anyone have a counter reset for the Oki c5100n

Prepare a return label. Hey I have asked this a couple oki c5100n times, the new C does not reset with the instructions provided, specifically there is no NV table, does anyone know a way to reset the C, I still have toner in the units, but it says they are empty Thanks. PS check out my windows tips cd at my username.

I tried the usual fixes but didn’t realise the sensor could be oki c5100n off until I oki c5100n your posting. Turn the printer off. Instead you change the life limit to get more use out of the drum.

I have oki c5100n oki name brand black toner c51100n it still won’t print black. I use an oki c daily and this was a tremendous help for me.

Telephone is And I haven’t seen anyone else on this site that has oki c5100n successful. It will save you lots of that green stuff called money. I have used c1500n toner for years on my OKI’s and never have had a problem. I had to clean up and replace the old drum cartridge which works OK now.

Oki c5100n about the fuser? There was toner on the strips that hang from the lid LED arrays? Emptied the waste chamber and dumped all the good toner and oki c5100n and it still does the samething with the streak have printed about 25 test pages now and all the same HELP? I have a with 17, copies and the original cartridges and drums

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