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Bigger stations have entrance and exit stairs and most of them are underground. It says to scroll with the rollbar to select your option on the screen. There are two very useful apps to help you easily navigate Paris metro.

However, a few of these commuting passes will be suitable to visitors: Reloads of the cards can be purchase from automatic vending machines and ticket desk in most metro stations. You can find PDF versions above which you can be downloaded. Enter the metro franfe Now that I have frande information figured out, I am ready to start my trip. When a station is marked by a white oval shape plan ratp ile de france pdf download means that there is an underground connection with the nearby station on a different line.

You also choose their geographic coverage among the 5 concentric circular zones of Paris. If you carry around bulky luggages be aware that it might be a bit of a challenge to go through the turnstiles with it since they are not very wide. To find your platformyou need to Look at signs around you. It is fairly simple to use just specify the starting and end station and choose how you want to get there, only by rail plan ratp ile de france pdf download you can also include buses and even walking.

You can also buy your tickets in advance online. There are tabs at the top of the map that allow you to select your options.

The other way to follow your progress, is to look through the windows for signs with the name of the station on walls, as the train enters it.

I need to find a connecting station marked with a blank white oval shape on the map between the two lines. Printed versions are given free in Paris Tourism Office and ticket desks in stations.

There is a second page inside that document, with handy tips on how to go to the airports by metro, a smaller RER map and a eownload where metro stations are referenced, so you dowbload find them easily on the map. There are two ways you can do that.

RATP : transports à Paris et en Ile-de-France : bus, métro, tramway, RER

Click to start interactive map. The fourth option is the language option already discussed. Metro, RER, buses, tramway, and cable tramway in Montmartre. Montmartrobus is the only public transport with the funiculaire cable tramway allowed in Montmartre.

Most of the time you will have to ride several lines to complete the trip, in which case note down which stations to hop off and on metro trains, to connect between lines. Plan ratp ile de france pdf download 1 and 2 are the areas within Paris ring road which covers all central Paris attractions monuments and museums.

Lets say you have selected the single ticket buying option, and validated with the right button, the next screen asks you the number of single ticket you would like to purchase. Let me give you an example: Gathering your trip details from a metro plan or map You will find two types of metro maps whether it is an electronic or paper version.

Tickets are available online here. Both apps are fully translated in English. Only the smallest versions shown above will fit onto a pocket format you can carry around easily during your visit. Down the stairs you are into the entrance area. The big advantage they offer over other map formats, is that they are georeferenced and will work with you phone GPS, and locate you on the map in real time.

The second screen in the process, allows plan ratp ile de france pdf download to select the type of tickets you would like to purchase. You will not be into the actual metro network until you have crossed the ticket validation turnstiles.

RATP, transports à Paris et en Ile-de-France : bus, métro, tramway, RER

It is on the RER B line in ild. If the doors do not open you need to lift the handle or press the button in the middle of the door to have it open. Metro fares are paid with tickets sold in every metro station, either at a vending machine or a ticket desk, if one plan ratp ile de france pdf download available in the station you are in.

You can do it on the fly at any station since each one have at least a metro plan postered at the entrance or ask an agent if one is available at the time you are there, but if downlaod is your first metro trip in Paris it is less stressful to have these informations figured out ille you start your visit.

Restons connectés

In big stations you will have an exit plan to get out of the station as close to your destination as possible. All stations have a large map somewhere on a wall in the downloaad area, or you can directly ask a RATP agent, standing at the information desk if one is available, or in the entrance area. This would also allow you to buy metro passes and plan ratp ile de france pdf download tickets for kids. The map will allow you to figure out which station is closer from your starting point, and which one will be to your destination.

The second type is a proper street referenced PDF map with the capital landmarks, official buildings, parks…referenced like any proper map. You will have to choose the fare zones you want it valid for.

They both are fully translated in English, which is nice knowing that tourist information in English in Paris public transports is scarce at best.

Download detailed Paris monuments PDF map to your computer. There are lots of ways you plan ratp ile de france pdf download lower this unit cost by buying in bulk 10 tickets booklet or purchase metro passes.

Click to launch planner.

The city is plagued by traffic jams like most big cities in the world.

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