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Manul GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – maximum total combined weight of the unloaded vehicle, passengers, luggage, nissan rogue repair manual pdf download, trailer tongue load and any other optional equipment. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Page 50 SSS Rear-facing Follow these steps to install a rear-facing child restraint using the vehicle seat belt in the rear seat: To install, position the mat WARNING Drive extra carefully when the vehi- cle is loaded at or near the cargo carrying capacity, especially if the significant portion of that load is carried on the roof rack.

Nissan Rogue repair manual for intensive technical care. According to accident statistics, children are safer when properly restrained in the rear seat than manul the front seat.

Nissan 2010 Rogue Owner’s Manual

Pushing the button again during this 10 second period will stop SCAN tuning. The child could be seriously injured or killed in an accident or sudden stop. Reduce vehicle speed when the vehicle approaches or leaves a steep hill.

Follow the instructions supplied with the wax. Press downward and rearward firmly in the center repxir the child restraint with your hand to compress the vehicle seat cushion and seatback while tightening the webbing of the anchor attachments.

Page Polishing is recommended to remove built-up wax residue and to avoid a weathered appearance before reapplying wax.

Nissan Factory Service Manuals

Always use seat belts and child restraints. Slowly pull the seat belt out of the retractor and insert the tongue into the buckle until you hear and feel the latch engage. Some devices and transmitters may temporarily interfere with the operation of the TPMS and cause the low tire pressure warning light to illuminate.

Safety — Seats, seat nissan rogue repair manual pdf download and supplemental restraint system If the retractor does not lock during this check or if you have any question about seat belt operation, see a NISSAN dealer.

Check to make sure the child restraint is properly secured prior to each use. The glove box light illuminates when the head- light switch is turned on.

It means the Nissan Rogue needs intensive care. Nissan altima hybrid automobile owner’s manual pages. SAA FM radio reception: Warning Lights If the ABS warning light illuminates while the engine is running, or while driving, it may nkssan the ABS is not functioning properly.

Nissan Service Manuals

Consult this manual to determine how this reduces the avail- able cargo and luggage load capacity of your vehicle. The vehicle must be driven as appropriate based on the conditions of the vehicle, road and traffic. For child restraints that are equipped with manjal attachments, remove any additional slack from the anchor attach- ments.

Remove the luggage floor box Rrpair A or B by turning the clips counterclockwise. Page Nissan rogue repair manual pdf download the brake pedal suddenly goes down further than normal, the pedal feels spongy or the vehicle seems to take longer to stop, see a NISSAN dealer immediately. Page is being played, the compact disc will play while forwarding or rewinding.

Determine the combined weight of the driver and passengers that will be riding in your vehicle. To remove the wheel cover, use the jack rod as illustrated.

WARNING After adjustment, release the ad- justment button and try to move the shoulder belt anchor up and down to make sure it is securely fixed in manhal. When the switch is in the OFF position light will turn off. When cleaning the mirror, use a paper towel or similar material dampened with glass cleaner.

ON position When the switch is in the ON position ceiling light nissan rogue repair manual pdf download illuminate.


The air cleaner filter should not be repalr and reused. Mnaual 58 The front air bags inflate with great force. SIC The map light nissan rogue repair manual pdf download switch has three positions: Nissan rogue repair manual pdf download the vehicle completely. When the DISP button is pushed for longer than 1. SSS Rear-facing — step 4 4.

Operate the window by the automatic function to confirm the initialization is complete. The engine can be started in this position. Facilities or electric devices using similar radio frequencies are near the vehicle. AUX auxiliary button rogje Do not press too hard or force the valve stem sideways, or air will escape.

The power outlet is located in the instrument panel and the center console if so equipped. In winter, the underbody must be cleaned periodically. If it does not return to its normal operating condi- tion, have a NISSAN dealer check the transmission and repair if necessary.

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