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Openbravo user manual pdf download you are willing to contribute to this guide, please review the How to properly document a feature article. Openbravo user manual pdf download Openbravo is not new for you, you will discover new user interface capabilities which will make your daily work activities much more efficient.

This page was last modified on 8 Juneat Cannot make your way through it? The required number of items will be added to the sales useg. Retrieved from ” http: Participate Communicate Report a bug Contribute Talk to us now! This functions much as the barcode scanner does.

Press OK to complete the transaction and return to the sales screen. Learn openbravo user manual pdf download to navigate these materials from the following blog post. This page has been accessedtimes.

View source Discuss this page Page history Printable downloqd. MRP provides the tools to plan and monitor purchase and production planning by tracking several inputs such as sales forecast and current stock levels. In Screens Reference you will find a single repository of information about all Openbravo screens, fields and entities. Each of above listed business flow is explained in deep within the Openbravo application area where it can be executed.

User Guide – OpenbravoWiki

This approach implies that many concepts openbravo user manual pdf download process are common ones, therefore are present all along Openbravo. To report an error or for administrative issues about this site go to Wiki Administration Page. Each area is represented by a separate folder accessible from the Application menu in the top navigation screen area:.

User Guide This article is protected against manual editing because it is automatically generated from Mmanual meta-data.

Projects:POS/User Guide

ussr When enter on the keyboard, or green tick on the screen is pressed, the item will be added to the current sales ticket. Pcf Glossary you will find a brief and clear explanation about Openbravo main terms. Project and Services Management addresses services and multiphase projects and helps on analyzing project related reports. This page was last modified on 2 Marchat Openbravo 3 has been designed to allow openbravo user manual pdf download easy and openbravo user manual pdf download way of working.

Procurement Management supports the management of the orders, goods receipts and purchase invoices as well as the analysis of purchase related data. Learn more about writing and translating such documents.

User Guide

If the images are not added to the stock items, the items will not appear in the catalog window. Openbravo is split into different application areas. You will not be prompted for a password until a password is assigned to the selected user. Simply scan the barcode. General Setup is the place where to configure basic Openbravo settings such as openbravo user manual pdf download enterprise model, users and roles as well as other more advance setting such as alerts, preferences and processes.

Do you want to add them? Warehouses and storage bins can be created and manage in this application area, as well as manal count and inventory valuation. Retrieved from ” http: Sales Management addresses the life-cycle of a sales process and besides provides the tools to analyze o;enbravo related information.

Many of the guides present how to achieve particular business goals in a manner supported by Openbravo. Simply type in the barcode number and Openbravo POS will lookup the openbravo user manual pdf download item in the stock table. When all of the items are added, complete the transaction as per the barcode scanner. This page has been openbravo user manual pdf downloadtimes. You can also use kanual – sign to decrease the quantity.

There are a series of How To documents addressing areas of special interest.

User Guide Generated Doc. It will add a line with the price to the ticket.

This section lists and describes Openbravo concepts and processes with openbravo user manual pdf download aim of avoiding that the same concept or process is explained more than once. Openbravo POS maintains a catalog of current stock items, if icons have been added in the stock management screen they are displayed on the bottom right of the sales screen downlowd images loaded into the database at the time of the stock update.

User Guide is thick. If this is the first time you take a look into Openbravo, this is the right place to get valuable information which will help you at the time you first use Openbravo user manual pdf downloadas this part gives an overview of the navigation, grid and form editing, tabs, filtering and interface customization.

View source View content page Page history Printable version. This starts the application in a maximised window.

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