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The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer

What is the old saying about when you meet someone to never judge a book by it’s cover Kuklinski had put the body inside green garbage bags before dumping the body there. He had been in staying in a locality for his life and no one ever got a clue about his double life including his wife. I could not put it down. Still worth a read – just not worth going through a second time. Richard also beat his wife but not the kids and caused her 3 miscarriages.

Retrieved 7 March The stories about his family also show somewhat of a different side, but even there there’s some evil. This book could have been much better, but it was worth picking up.

The Iceman Big Rich [2]. After Kuklinski repaid his debt, he continued working with the DeMeo gang, earning their respect for continually earning cash and gradually drifting into other criminal activities.

Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon. DeMeo and several members of his crew were sent to intimidate Kuklinski and proceeded to beat and pistol whip him. Great story as disturbing as it is to think it all really happened, and he lived just a few towns away.

Richard Kuklinski – Wikipedia

Richard had my sides, a wonderful work ethic, a torn family man with a hair trigger and I’m sure Park Dietz gained much insight into human behavior from Richard. It’s a nice change of pace from his constant evil. See all reviews. In a division of the New Jersey Criminal Justice Department created a task force composed of federal, state and local law enforcement conffessions, including New Jersey Attorney General ‘s office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearmsdedicated to arresting and convicting Richard Kuklinski.

Rhe Mafia story, but don’t believe everything Kakinski says.

No one today writing about the criminals, the streets, has the insight and innate knowledge of the criminal mind. As far as the story is concerned Richard Kuklinski is the rarest example of both ends of the spectrum that cotnract human emotion.

All and all a insane story to hear, let alone read.

The man it is written about is incredibly interesting. Thank you very much.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The video content is misleading. This book is designed for that purpose. Lists with This Book. But Kuklinski never sought or felt any kind of divine sanction for his murderous actions This was a great piece of work. A gun was found mafiaa the car, and his wife was charged with trying to prevent his arrest.

There just as many questions as there are iiller. She claimed in a later interview that once, during an argument in a car, she told Richard she did not want to stay in the car, felt a pain in her neck and, when she touched it, felt and saw blood.

Richard Kuklinski

He loved the children too much. Richard made the West Od of Manhattan a kind of lab for murder, a schoolhe says.

Dietz also stated that Kuklinski suffered from paranoid personality disorderwhich caused him to kill people for minor slights or criticisms, often long after they occurred.

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